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JAK2 and breast cancer. Is there a link?

History: My husband found a lump in his breast about 2 months ago. He went in to the PCP and was told it's likely to be a lipoma, but they would do blood work to be sure. He came back with very high platelets. Doc said to wait a month and test again. Again, very high platelets. They referred him to an oncologist who did blood work again and said the preliminary look was high, but okay and that she would just keep an eye on the platelet level over time, but she also did a deeper dive and would call if something came back on the results. She agreed that the lump was probably a lipoma.

Today she called to say that a JAK2 mutation was found and she is ordering an ultrasound of his breast in addition to a bone marrow biopsy. She didn't go into detail, but Dr. Google tells me this is likely an Acute Thromboccytopenia.

Is there a link between these bone marrow disorders and breast cancer? Is a JAK2 mutation a cancer?

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I am unsure about a link but I have PV and had symptoms for years before being diagnosed. I also had breast cancer 5 years before being diagnosed as well resulting in a double mastectomy so who knows? Food for thought.


Thank you for your reply.


Hello, I have asked Prof Harrison for some advice for you and your husband, she has said that: It sounds like your husband might have ET and something going on in his breast hopefully this is not a cancer. ET is regarded by many as a type of blood cancer but is mostly a very benign one. ET is not inked to breast cancer or lipoma.

I hope this helps and that your husband gets some answers very soon as to what he has and then he can move forward with advice from his haematologist regarding any treatment he may need. I would advise you to read the information we have on our website about ET and the various medications used to treat it, I can also send you some of our information booklets, please email me at with your postal address. Best wishes to you both, Maz

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Thank you so much for your response! The breast mammogram/ultrasound came back clear -- just a lipoma! We are very pleased about that.

We are still waiting on the results from the bone marrow biopsy. The office called last week and said they have the results, but couldn't give them via email or over the phone even though we had authorized this in writing during our last appointment. My husband's work schedule has delayed our appointment until Thursday at 1pm. I'm so nervous.


Hello Murryx, great news about the mammogram/ultrasound, what a relief for you both. I can understand that you are nervous about the results of the BMB, we all feel that while waiting to be told what the result is, but once you know you can both then move forward. So try not to worry too much, easy to say I know, let us know what the result is. Best wishes, Maz


So, we went to the oncologist to get results yesterday and he does have an MPN, but the doctor didn't know which one! She said he has both high platelets (indicating ET), but also has scar tissue in the marrow (indicating meylofibrosis). and at this point she can't determine which one he as. She is going to need to monitor over the next few months/years to determine. He is just on aspirin right now and she said we will re-evaluate for Jakify at a later time as symptoms get worse (he is JAK2 positive).

We just had a baby 5 months ago and he is really worried about a shortened lifespan. I'm in my mid 30s and he in his mid 40s, so we are shocked.


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