Day/night sweats

Anyone else suffering with sweats? At night I sleep under a blanket or a sheet because I wake up throughout the night covered in sweat. During the day, it doesnt matter where I am, I have a sheen of sweat on my face. If im in front of a air conditiong unit all is good.....anyone with any hints/tips......I dont know if this is because of the PV, the Hyrdoxy.....liver cirrhosis or portal vein thrombosis......Its almost like taking two steps forward on feeling better and then 10 steps back......

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  • Hey Chelle

    Yes I get sweats and hot flushes ( day and night). One minute it eases off a bit others it gets worse. Like you I am not sure if it is my ET, portal vein thrombosis or the meds or something else entirely! I am not sure what I can advise, I have a fan permanently sitting there at home and at work and not just in summer! I can only sympathise and say you are not alone. Maybe someone else will be able to help us with some info/ tips. Keep your chin up Liz x

  • Hi chelle , I also have day/ night sweats didn't matter that keeps u awake it's just not nice I have et been having them for long time maybe one day they will go mite be if your taking hydra I also sleep just with sheet winter or summer doesn't matter still the same old thing . Hope you stop soon we all together

  • Yes - my mother in her 80's with PV got bad night sweats. I have ET and have sometimes been up over 20 times a night, trying to cool down. Also come in day time. But I always remember the very first question the haematologist asked, when referred to her by my GP was...."Do you have night sweats?" which has always indicated to me that it is part of the disorder. Do sympathise with you! But have noticed that alcohol definitely makes them worse, even half a glass of wine during the day. Best wishes, Tinkerbell

  • Me too but I notice they are worse after coffee, not tea. Also they go in phases and are particularly bad if I feel my body is fighting an infection like a sore throat, when then turn into a fever almost

  • Hi Chelle, I have PV and have the same sweating problems. Its really horrible as I feel light headed with it too! My skin is usually itchier when I have more sweats. The ones through the day have been getting more frequent too, Every sympathy Aime x

  • I have ET and also have the most horrible sweats day and night. I wake with my pillow soaking wet and my hair looking like I have just got out of the shower. Daytime it is equally as bad and very embarrassing. The sweats seem to come with no reason. One minute I'm fine and then the next my head starts to burn and the sweat runs like a river. Strangely it's only my head, neck and face that is affected. I wish I had some advice to pass on to you. I have tried a chill pillow but sadly that was not much help.

  • I have PV and spend 10 months from 12 out of the covers and on top of the beds most nights, comes during the day too just not as often!

  • Hi, I'm afraid I'm talking in the same vain as all the other replies. I have et and on hydrea and sweat both day and night. I dread the menopause as feel I will spontaneously combust! Sorry I don't have any solutions but I do try to keep my fluids up as much as possible x

  • anyone tried the chillo pillow

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