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Night sweats


Since diagnosis and commencing on hydroxycarbamide I have suffered from nightsweats. I would wake in the night with my pillow soaking wet and my hair like I'd just got out of the shower. This has been ongoing since 2008. A couple of weeks ago I invested in a new mattress and pillows that have a gel layer to help regulate your body temperature and to my amazement it works. Not only that it has also helped reduce my joint pains. I am well impressed

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Well, how great is that? Thanks for letting us know. I just got a new mattress recently, but I could do with a new pillow!


Sounds great. Never heard of that, so thanks for sharing. Getting a wool duvet really made a difference for me. It regulates the body temperature as you sleep and has drastically reduced my night sweats.

great - do u have a brand name as I would like 1 of those?

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Honestly I've not slept so well in years. Even in this heat. I strongly recommend and if it doesn't suit you, you have up to 100 nights & can send back and get your money back

Hi Val-

My night sweats are awful as well. Can you please post the brand of mattress and pillow?


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I went to John Lewis and bought a pillow for £28 which adjusts to body temperature- to my surprise and delight it also seems to work!

I had " night sweats " since 2009.

Discovered I was diabetic.

Symptoms persisted for a further two years where the found I had ET.

Since diagnosis I have changed my diet, drink at least 3litres water per day.

I try to keep fit by swimming, 5k walks once a week, and 3gyms.

My blood sugars are now coming down.

My platletts are normal and I am hoping for good things on the 31st of July.

My two HD tabs are working with Asprin.

I try to keep calm and carry on.

The change of mattress helped me too.

Had a scare three months ago with ? Swollen spleen.

Found I had reflux now on 40mg of a long acting anti acid.

If I forget it, it makes a difference.

So all you peeps keep strong.

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Youre doing great Roger keep up the healthy lifestyle, Positivity and living life to the full. Hope all goes well on 31st

I start a sailing course in August and trying to source a wet suit to fit me.

Peeps any advice or otherwise.

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Have you tried ebay

Sounds incredible. These tips are actually quite supportive for everyone, in fact, I bought a new mattress from 1 month ago and I get a free pillow with it.

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