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Night sweats?

How do people experience night sweats? I have MF and every time I wake from sleep I get tremendous heat within two or three minutes. I feel I'm generating enough power to power the national grid. Erythromalagia burns like crazy. However I don't sweat much despite the heat. I am female and can relate these power surges to menopause but never had any with as much vengeance as these! I ought to be well past menopause anyway. Do other people get sweats in their sleep or as they wake like me. I'd like to know if these are only menopause leftovers or a symptom of MF. I have never been a very sweaty person and for years have only occasionally needed to use any deodorant. These flushes I'm now describing tend to make my face and neck very wet but nowhere else in particular.

Just curious really!

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Hi, just to let you know your not alone. I have PV and experience the same symptoms. I'm 49 and a few months ago was confirmed to have gone through the menopause. During the day it can happen anytime and gets pretty intense it's getting to be quite a regular thing now and as they only last a few minutes I'm just trying to deal with it, but its very uncomfortably especially if it happens at work. Also I've noticed my face is getting flushed more frequent. Would be interesting to see if any guys have the same problem or is it just the menopause. Take care Debbie


Hi Beetle, I have a very similar experience. I wake usually a couple of times a night just before I have a serious heat wave. Again I am not sure if this is a hang over from the menopause (which I started about 4 years ago around the same time I started taking Hydroxy) or PV. I tend not to sweat, or get a flushed face. I am trying soya supplements as that's apparently good for reducing menopausal flushes.

Please guys tell us if you have heat waves that wake you up at night?


Hi Beetle.

Yes!!! I'm just the same. I'm a 47 year old PV person, and don't suffer from night sweats (or any other sorts of flushing!)

BUT - every morning, within seconds if waking, I feel this weird rush of heat. It only lasts for about 60 seconds, but it's intense. Have to throw off the covers. Then it's gone.

I'd wondered about the hormone thing, but it's been happening for a good 5 years now, and I don't have any other menopausal symptoms.

Glad to hear I'm not going crazy alone!!! :)

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I asked Claire Harrison why the sweats associated with MF occur at night and she was unable to answer that one. I no longer have flushes during the day (or very rarely!) and I'm 63. I would really like an answer from the guys too. I also wonder if the oncoming heatwave wakes me up or the waking up causes the heatwave - chicken and egg! I'm guessing it is something to do with hormones but not necessarily menopausal.


Hi I have PV and only started having night sweats this year which resulted in soaking nightie and bedclothes. I am on HRT so haem says it is a symptom of PV but had to have ct scan to rule out any other problems. They certainly wake me up. Kind regards Aime


Our son has MF and profuse night sweats have been a problem for some time, these were happening long before he was diagnosed. He was told this happens in patients with MF but you need to keep up your fluid intake to prevent dehydration.Bye



Hi regarding night sweats ,

I have ET j2 poss, but 3 years ago I had a Full Hysterectomy resulting in forced Menopause:( not nice )

but since my diagnosis of ET Im now on HU , Clopdogrel & Simvastatin .

This medication pretty much took all my symptom of menapause away , ,

I think personally it's MPNs causing most the Royal. Flush problems , :)

I do cut Out ,,,Caffine , chocolate , & Alcohol ,, Try green tea's & camomile are a great tonic ,& they definitely help me,

Hope this is of some help , x


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