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PV and hip replacement

I have been diagnosed with PV. I was chatting with a friend and his neighbor also has Polycythemia Vera. What we both have in common is hip replacements. Before my hip replacement all of my blood tests were well within range. 4 years later I have PV. Wondering if any others have had hip replacements, or had to yuse blood thinners after and operation, or have foreign metallic objects in their bodies.

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Probably just coincidental. The older you get, the incidence of joint failure and blood disorders are more likely.


Hi, I have PV and have a lot of joint pain, osteoarthritic problems and inflammation of tendons, etc. I wondered too if there was a connection but I don't think anything has been proven yet. Best wishes



I had the Hip Replacements before I had the disease. My friend's neighbor also had the hip operation before the disease. My blood counts were normal at that time and I had no symptoms. It was my thought that either the excessive X-rays, the blood thinner or the metal implants in the largest bones in my body may have caused the mutations.

To Date I do not have joint problems though the first symptom was gout like big toe about 3 years ago. My operations were 5 and 6 years ago.


Hi there, yes I had a hip replacement about 5 years ago and was diagnosed with PVR about a year ago - interesting thought! Good luck and all the best


The question is what caused the PV/gene mutation. It could be Excessive X-rays, the replacement itself or something related to the process. I will keep in touch.


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