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Insurance issue

Once spent half a flight from USA to UK treating someone who was ill and refused diversion to Iceland. Anyone know the insurance position say you were going to Italy with insurance, took ill and was hospitalised in France or Spain. Just a thought given we are prone to haemorage or thrombosis or acute infection. As health insurance to Europe differentiates between countries not just an idle question.

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I have just obtained travel insurance for a trip to United States, no problem the company is Staysure. I have ET. Good luck.


Hope you don't mind me asking but what kind of premium did they quote you. I got a quote from Staysure around £500 for a 2 week visit.


I'm insured through my bank account.. A managed account which has benefits like travel insurance.

advised them I had PRV paid an additional £83 for 12 month cover

Hope this helps


That sounds about right, I am going for 10days, the price was £236 obviously depends on what you choose to add ie.cancellation etc. I am over the magic 70 years old, so this would also influence price. Best wishes Sandy.


Hi Skodayguy,

You know thats a good question, as you say some policies cover you for the specified country. A lot do just cover your for europe or worldwide excluding usa or worldwide including usa, so if you had one of those i suspect you would be fine.

Perhaps one for someone to ask next time they buy insurance and post it on here.



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