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Travel Issue

Can anyone help with another concern re ET. I know in regards to treatment it is left up to our Haematologist and his advice. We were due to fly to Eastern Europe before my wife started treatment and the Dr said this was not a problem, as my wife will hydrate well and use flight socks, but the flight was not too long. What about long-haul flights ( ie UK to Rio !! ) are you still allowed to fly with ET, or is this a no-no. I have not heard anything to the contrary, and I don't think the travel insurance will be such a big issue. Any advice appreciated.

( and about insurance as well as my wife has Type 2 Diabetes. Never been a problem in the past, but now she has ET !! )


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I’ve flown long haul many times with ET.

If your wife’s platelets are in normal range with treatment then no other medication may be needed. If they are still high she may need to use low molecular weight heparin (Tinzaparin or similar) to reduce risk of DVT. I used to use that for any flight over 5 hours when my platelets were in the 800 region and I was on aspirin only.

It worked fine for me but as with everything you need to discuss with your specialist and be guided by them.


Hello Andy, thanks for that information. She had platelets in the 700 region, but they are reducing on Hydroxy, and we hope they will reduce more. She has only been on the medication a month or two. She is also on aspirin. Did you have any problems getting medical insurance. ?. Ours will be due in December


I never had an issue with travel insurance but did have to declare my ET and pay a slightly higher premium.

I used mainstream insurers but there are specialists who cover all sorts of conditions too - main thing is to be sure it’s been declared and noted as a pre-existing condition that is covered.

Enjoy your trip!



Hi wotan10,

I have flown to South America,South Africa, Canada, Viet Nam , Cape Verde, 5 of the Canary Islands et cetera...and what I do is just walk about as bit before boarding, use proper flight socks (make sure they are they right lenght and not too long-can be spec ordered online), drink water and preferably sit on the aile seat...easier to wiggle feet and stretch legs.

When it comes to Diabetes, send me a message, if you are interested and I will give you some information...



Hi wotan10

I have travelled long haul and have been ok. When platlets were high I had to inject tanziparin on way out and back . When platlets reduced no injection required . I’m on aspirin and hydroxy.

I am insured with Staysure just a small additional amount for ET and could do annual insurance where some others wouldn’t do it .

Hope you enjoy your hols


Thank you to all who replied. My wife is on Hydroxy, and it's also nice to know that she can get insurance. My problem is I don't trust insurers !. We certainly don't want to be thousands of miles from home and have problems. we get annual insurance and travel a lot. we have nothing planned yet, but she sees the consultant at the end of December, so we hope the platelets will have dropped again.

Travel insurance is due, so we will try Staysure I think. I also think one of her problems is me!!. I suffer terribly from health anxiety, and of course, those worries pass on to her. She is more philosophical about it all, so I need to stay calm for her. Many thanks, once again this has been a great help to us!



I have ET and type 2 diabetes. ET for 11 yrs and Diabetes for 3 years.

For long haul I was normally perscribed an injection of heperin which I would administer myself.

I’m 46.



Thank you Karen. My wife is a diabetic type 2 ( 64). The injection is no problem. She retired from 40 years in nursing, 25 as a senior midwife !. Hope you are keeping well.


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