Training update

Training update

Just a quick update on my training for the Belfast City Half Marathon. I am trying to stick to the plan given to me by my personal trainer so tonight was intervals. I did about 7.5 miles today in about 1hr35 which isn't all that fast but I was doing a mixture of walking, jogging, running and a bit of a sprint during a few inspired minutes (I was listening to Beethoven's 9th in anticipation of next year's bumper packed choral extravaganza... Try not to get excited by the last few minutes of the choral movement!) I'm loving having the time to put into my training, as well as the perfect weather conditions as well as the novelty of being able to go outdoors without gloves, sleeves, hate, gloves etc.

Thank you to everyone who has has donated so far. We have broken the £100 mark! I feel very lucky to have a reason to run as well as the health and energy to be able to do this! For anyone else who would like to sponsor me, here is the link to my 'Just Giving' page:

I've posted a picture I took on one of my runs this week. (Note to self, you're meant to be running, not stopping to admire the scenery!)

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  • Hi Shazzer, you are doing brilliantly, well done. And what a fabulous photo. Maz x x

  • Hi Shazzer good for you and Maz is right, you are doing brilliant! Lovely scenery is one of the benefits of running outside keep enjoying it :-)! Take care, xxx

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