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Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the guys who set up the forum at Southampton Hospital on Friday. Although there was a lot of information to take in; it was interesting. I was surprised that all of us managed to stay awake, darkend room, power point, comfy chairs, receipe for disaster!!

Maz & Maralyn a total pleasure to meet you, along with so many others in the same boat. For the first time, I don't feel alone.

Thank you.

Chelle :-)

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Hi Chelle, thank you, it was a good forum. It was lovely to meet you, and sorry about my rumbling tummy!! Maz x


Lol, Maz it made me smile. My tummy was grumbling too, everytime there was a chart that came up on the screen I was thinking about cake :-)


I agree a very good forum and a lot of charts!! Thank you to all who organised the day


It was a pleasure meeting you, but please not so much talk about cake ladies, I'm on a diet!! That's what is wonderful about MPD Voice and the Forums, we will never be alone. xx Marilyn


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