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God Love Jody Day

Hi Everyone,

If you have ten mins spare today I would recommend sitting and reading the latest article by Jody Day. I have included a little part of the article that i thought rocked;

''You are allowed to say NO

You are allowed to decline invitations to baby showers.

You are allowed not to contribute to baby shower or maternity gift collections at work.

You are allowed to say ‘no thank you’ to children’s birthday parties.

You are allowed to say ‘not this year’ to the work social event which is suddenly a ‘family picnic’.

You are allowed not to be delighted about your friend/sister/colleague’s pregnancy.

You are allowed to order in, Netflix and wear your pyjamas for a year if you need to.

You are allowed to grieve.

And if anyone tells you you’re being selfish, agree with them. You are allowed to be selfish! You are grieving a momentous, life long loss''

God Love Jody Day xxxx

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Thanks Fuzzy Winker for posting this and link. I haven't read Jody's book or looked at the gateway website before but will now look further.

I liked the plan B section, as someone who's approaching 50 I feel I ought to be moving on properly but not knowing what plan B could be. Thinking on the lines of adding good things to my life, one at a time seems more manageable.

After losing dad to dementia last year and mum now with it as well i have a lot on my plate.

This is what we have to deal with nowadays, it's a age thing, like menopause!

Add good things one at a time.

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Hi Wendy,

thanks for your reply. It's good to remind ourselves that we are grieving and to be kind to ourselves. It's sounds like you have also had alot of additional grief to handle. And dementia is a more unique grief, as you loose your parent before they die.

Jody Days post reminded me of the importance to have that support network of people who are in the same boat with you. Who understand and know the right words to say. And can inspire you to live a different but filled life adding good things in to balance out the hard.


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Please remember there is a Jody Day webinar entitled Grief in our 2018 Webinar Series which many may find useful. See pinned posts to the right.


A truly beautiful post... xxx


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