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Gynae appointment

I'm relieved to say that in the main I cope very well with not having children. Today however, after many years I had an appointment with the gynaecologist. After 2 weeks of worrying about my health, I was met by the most insensitive doctor. She asked in a matter of fact fashion if I knew my tubes were blocked etc. I felt myself regressing to a hospital appt 10 years earlier when I was routinely advised that the only way I would get pregnant was by IVF. I'm sad to say that the detached, scientific approach to my life left me feeling quite devastated in addition to my physical health issues. My friends are great and supportive but those of us who have been through the trauma know just how traumatic these things can be in a world where infertility continues to be taboo.

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Hi Diane just read your message its awful the way you were made to feel by your doctor especially with your other medical problems going on. It's true though what you said about it being traumatic and a taboo subject to a lot of people those who don't understand what we have been through. Take care 😊

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Thank you, I just needed to get that off my chest. Good to hear from a tuned in person.


I'm sorry your recent appointment triggered memories from years ago. Sadly not all medical professionals have a caring yet professional manner. Often when we least expect the feelings/memories associated with infertility to pop up something triggers all the trauma and grief again.

I hope that your health issues are resolved quickly.


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