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A gentle reminder

Hi Everyone

We have had a few people contact us to say some posts still contain references to the fact that they may not quite have finished fertility treatment. The More To Life community is for people/couples who are at the end of their fertility journey, and are no longer pursing treatment or alternative parenting such as surrogacy and adoption. For whatever reason, they have made the decision to move on, and are looking for support as they do so.

We want to ensure that you receive the correct support , so any of you who feel that you may at some time try some form of treatment again or look into alternative parenting, please would you register on the Fertility Network UK community healthunlocked.com/fertilit... , where you will find lots of support, with whatever you might still be going through.

Best Wishes



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Hi i have been on that site and similar ones and find it very distressing when people say they are pregnant knowing I never will be

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Hi Alison,

Whilst I agree that for some those sites may be more appropriate I know that the transition from trying for children to building your life without them is not always a clean line. Many of us need to spend time in a grey zone making the transition. For me what is important is that all are sensitive to the situation of our friends in the group. It can be hard to transition and can take a long time accepting that we have really moved on.

Many thanks for providing this forum for us.


Pursuing fertility treatment is a very different course to that of surrogacy and adoption in my view (they are both entirely different routes too). I have found the Fertility Network too hard to read and be part of when so many stories are of success. I would like somewhere for people who are in a 'transition phase', especially if this forum, More to Life, is not that place (which I accept). Any route is full of challenges and questions and it's good to read others stories and share experiences. Thanks.


I would also welcome somewhere for those in the transition phase which describes where I'm at


If anyone knows if there is a site for those in the transition phase I would like to know about it as I'm really struggling to find somewhere I fit and can say how I feel and it's a very lonely place


Thanks Alison. I do feel for the people looking for answers whilst having IVF or still trying to have a family in some way. I've been in that situation myself and it's extremely hard. I do find it very difficult when there's a stream of messages about still trying and maybe trying IVF abroad etc. It was a very difficult decision to make at 38 that I would not have children and this site helps tremendously. Your message will hopefully signpost people to the correct forum with people who can support each other whilst they go through fertility issues.


I hope I haven't upset anyone. We may be able to have treatment but are choosing not to. We have unexplained infertility & I'm often told that means it can happen (I'm told this by mothers.) I'm still infertile & it doesn't work that way. We are trying to accept it isn't going to happen naturally. I have to word it this way because I cope better. I feel I fit in better here & I find the other groups very distressing. This group is just so supportive. I really appreciate it when women/men come back and say they are now coping because it gives me hope I will cope in the future too x


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