Moving on from ivf

Hardest decision but with ivf counselling I have managed to control and understand why I feel like I do and it has helped massively to move on and find things in my life to sink my happiness into. I have my fur babies, my sausage dogs poppy and Millie, and now I've started up The Long Dog Hotel as a new business venture -a doggy boarding and day care just for sausage dogs. -couldn't be happier.

If any of you ladies are near Farnborough and fancy a meet up to talk about feeling after finishing ivf I'd love to meet x

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  • Good for you, and well done you. Good luck in your new business. Counselling really does help. Shame I don't live near.

  • Hi

    Just thought I'd mention but there is a new group called Gateway Women. We meet in Dorking once a month. Feel free to come along. We meet after work at 5.30pm and normally go for a bite to eat. Next one is on 4th April x

  • I'm currently waiting for counselling in the NHS. I can't tell you how important it is for women to make these positive posts. Thank you

  • Hi, thanks for your post. Well done for starting your new venture 😀 and for being kind to yourself in finding what you love. It takes great strength to put an end to IVF. We are told in life that hard work pays off. Sadly this is not always true for infertility and ivf. I am so glad this forum is here for us lovely ladies who are battle scarred from this difficult journey.

    I would recommend going to a gateway women meet ups. When 98% of your friends are mums, it is so easy to feel the odd one out. I am readdressing this imbalance by meeting with other gateway women. Going to things like rabble and rediscovering things that bring me joy. (Jody days Russian doll excercise is so good for this).

    After waiting ages on a waiting list for counselling i found a great service called protem in manchester. It's a charity counselling service that's run by donation. If anyone is struggling on a waiting list search for one in your area as it was so helpful for me.

    Big hugs x

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