Hi All I am organising a get-together offering you two dates to fit in with my work schedule. The first date being Sunday November 27th or Saturday December 3rd meeting at Duttons restaurant in Albert Square,Manchester at 12.30 then go round the Christmas Markets for more information go to will be going with the majority.Thanks Laura Chorlton

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  • Hi, this sounds great. I live miles and miles away, so won't be able to attend. Really hope you get some interest.

  • thanks for that Ellen pity you can't come waiting to see if anybody can come where do you live?

  • Hi, I live in the South West! Sounds a lovely idea for a get together. Hope you get some interest, especially as you are making such an effort.

  • That sounds great not sure if your near me Im in stoke area?? Good luck

  • Hi good to hear from you I live in North Manchester which is why we are meeting in the city centre near the Xmas markets. Nobody has replied to me confirming if they can come on either of the dates I mentioned. I cab keep you posted if I hear from anyone else and the preferred date which one would be suitable for you? Will be in touch if you think you might be able to make possibly by train? Not sure what's your name? I am Laura thanks for getting in touchx

  • hi eli- tan. would you be interested in coming then? Nobody has confirmed that they can come yet.

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