Hi all, just letting you know about a get-together I am organising for the 18th November in Manchester for lunch at Duttons restaurant at 12.30 on Albert Square for more information go to then go round the Xmas markets after as they start on the 10th November. If any of you happen to be in Manchester that weekend to go round the markets, please let me know. From Laura Chorlton

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  • Sorry as we dont live in the NW, but sounds lovely and hope it's a great day for all concerned

  • hi thanks for your reply. It was open to anybody who happened to be in Manchester that weekend.

  • Cool, thanks again, good to see these events happening, best regards

  • Hi lc01sw , let me know if you want me to promote this on the MTL Facebook page too?



  • Hi Cat, that would be great thanks if you would. If they can get in touch with me if anyone is interested. Laura Chorlton

  • Hi lc01sw this is up now. Apologies for the delay! Are there a few of you going already? Cat

  • Hi Cat nobody is coming now as it stands.

  • Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that lc01sw. Hopefully people will respond to the FB event although they are a new thing so might take a while to get up and running. Sorry I didn't post it earlier, I have only just realised about following posts, useless! Do you have other meet ups or was this the first one you have organised? It would be great to be in touch by email if you want too, mine is :)

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