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Increase frequency aura attack

Hi all! I've been suffering from aura for a few years now. Had a respite last year when prescribed propranolol. I have also had various MRI's as have brain lesions. A migraine neurologist pushed mo over to a MS neurologist who told me I didn't have MS! I've subsequently been given a situation of ' radiologically isolated syndrome'. After 5 months of no aura have had 6 in the last 6 weeks, including one just now in the night, which I've never had before! Went to docs yesterday and have been referred back to MS Neurologist at my request. One thing the Migraine neurologist was adamant about was 7 hours sleep, eating at the same time, fluids (all I felt was a bit far fetched and too new age for something so medical and neurological, but surely I should be investing some trust in them - currently don't have much!). I'm finding the increase alarming, which in itself is affecting stress levels! I can't believe I've just had one in the night, normally a time where I can relax and feel 'safe' from having to worry about having one 😔

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I've had these for years and years, at different times of the day or night and each one lasts exactly 20 minutes; sometimes they piggy-back. Doesn't matter if it's cloudy or sunny, day or night. Sometimes go a couple of months without and then have 2 or 3 in one day! My Opthamologist said the cause is unknown....I sometime wonder if high intraocular pressure could be the cause but that idea was poo-poohed... I have glaucoma and I wonder how many other people who have this also have glaucoma. They sometimes leave me with a slight heaqdqache, sometimes not....I've learned to live with them as they don't bother my eyesight when I'm driving...


Hi just to let you know your not by yourself. I get aura and have had three this week one in the morning and two at night. while I was watching tv in bed I got it. I am so fed up with it, it stops me in my tracks feeling low about at the moment trying stay as positive as I can. I hope you start to feel better. I’m the same as you always waiting for another one to happen. 😔


I know how you feel, I have been getting them since July, sometimes 6 a month or less about 4, they mostly happen in the mornings but have them in the evenings too and a couple at night. Sometimes I think caffeine and lights set them off but other times I dont know what sets them off. I'm always wondering when the next one will come!

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Hi, I've always had migraines for as long as I can remember. I started getting auras within the last year and they disable me for the rest of the day. I've now had two this week and feel so alone in it all. My doctor has prescribed me imatrex but that just makes me sick. I want them to stop. Does anyone know what might trigger them and how to stop them


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