Treatment for aura?

Just wondering if anyone has found anything good for aura? I get a lot of migraines, but my main problem is all the neurological stuff. Flashing lights, which I think disturbs me the some tingling skin and sort of dizzy, as my neurologist described it, walking into walls.

From the advice I've had, from a neurologist and from the migraine clinic, it seems most drugs are only effective half the time and don't work for everyone, but I'm thinking of trying something as I hate it ☹️

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  • Hi Hjmac, yeah I get aura, dizzyness, tingling, numbness etc. As long as I take Imagrin before the aura leaves I usually have control of the pain level. The migraine can be horrific and last for a week if I don't tke imigran immediately. Good luck 😀

  • Hi, thanks, maybe I will try it. It's just that the pain isn't the bit that worries me with those auras. I do get horrible pain migraines with bad nausea, but they are much rarer for me than the ones that are mainly aura..

  • HJMac have you tried over the counter meds like migraleve? They are quite good and stop the sickness too. Ive been on every med over 36yrs of migraine but they did save me for a long time.

  • I used to get auras no migraine. The structure changed a few years ago to pain no auras. Wish I could change it back.

  • Hi I do know what you mean. The pain and nausea are very debilitating, but I actually feel more disturbed by the aura, I think it's because it's neurological. I know it's maybe irrational but it worries me more.

  • I take non-flush niacin, 500 mg a day and that helps with the flashing lights part of the aura. They're not so intense.

  • Hi, like you I get mainly Aura migraine, horrible flashing, can't focus, peripheral vision gone, can't respond to people as I know what they are saying, just can't remember or form the words to answer, numb hands and lips and so on...absolutely horrible..and then the hangovers...yak!......I'd tried everything and nothing worked, the frequency was getting worse and duration longer, until I was put on Propanalol beta blockers, I started on 80mg, up to now 160mg daily...I still get attacks but the frequency has reduced and the duration can sometimes now be only 30 or 40 minutes.. Seriously...all symptoms but in quick succession...that may go on to a couple of hours...but I have no hangover anymore and the pain levels are very manageable... I still hate with a passion the fact I get them and still worry about getting them, bit at least can won't last too's worth a thought...hope you find what you're looking for..

  • Hi, I have aura almost every single day with or without extreme symptoms. I also have many of the same things you suffer from but it has been over 12 years and I have not found a medicine to combat the daily aura. I took triptans for many years (imitrex, amerge, etc.) but it did not rid me of the daily aura. It is very annoying and embarrassing as I swat at things that are not real & see lightening in my vision, balance issues, etc. however, I am relieved that I do not have severe pain everyday like had for many years and can live more of a life with the aura. If you find something that works please let us know! Hoping you find an answer for us all :)

  • Thanks so much for replies. Gives me food for thought, I may ask about beta blockers..

  • I resorted to beta blockers 6 weeks ago. My GP had been suggesting for some years but I resisted as I was concerned they could affect my mood. I'm on Atenolol and started with 1 tablet a day and now 2-it's still a low dose . They enable the imigram to work more quickly and although I still take my sumatriptan at the first sign, so far I haven't had a migraine. I haven't had ANY side effects and wonder why I didn't start them sooner

  • I'm pleased they seem tobe working for you but I also noticed you are taking sumitriptan . I was at a neurologist app last month and was told to STOP all my medication I frequently took paracetamol & tramadol daily and sumitriptan injections, imigran nasal spray and even sevradol which is a morphine tablet when I got my migraine (which was at least 1 -2 a month lasting for a VERY LONG AND PAINFUL 5/6 days each) and btw none of which actually took the pain away. he told me that these cause rebound headaches and will prolong and intensify the headache that I had already. He did suggest various different pain relief such as a large dose (900 mg ) of soluble aspirin on the very first onset of the migraine but you must check witg your doc first before tak7ng any medicine but Basically the long and short if it is that I gave it a try and bagged ALL my "pain relief" and refrained from taking any of it when my migraine came on , it was very difficult right enough cos all I wanted to do was reach for ANYTHING that took the edge off it but I swear the migraine lasted only 3 days and plus I have had NO chronic daily headaches since . Perhaps you could give it a try to see if this helps you . The best of luck x D x

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