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Has anyone experienced pain that comes and goes at the top left side of the nose and spreads through the forehead to the back of the head. It was really making me wince. I had it a couple of times this morning as well. That was yesterday. Today I had a really bad head all day. This afternoon during my bad head I had an aura migraine. I took my Naramig but still have a little pain with stiffness in the back of my head. I just thought it odd to get an aura migraine in the middle of he pain.

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Yes thats where I get my pain on the side of my nose spreading to my neck or vice versa.Naramig is the only med that works for me.Ive tried acupuncture and many more treatments but they didnt help


It's odd how migraines keep changing. I've never had pain there before. I can sympathise if you are getting it all the time. It was really shooting through my head.


Hello, if I don't know what an aura is, I presume I don't get it? A chronic migraine sufferer (with medicine overuse) now having GON injections every 6 weeks. Is aura visual? Mine is just (ha!) intense 3-4 day pain, sickness and immobility, every week. Hence medicine overuse. Now trying be less mess with TMS device helping. I wish you well, I just don't understand what aura is xx


Hi Fourelmsali.

I used to get migraines like you but they've changed over the years. I now get rotten headaches that won't go away without taking Naramig. Who knows if I didn't have the right treatment maybe they would turn into the really bad ones. They're not very pleasant though. Now I get the aura migraines as well sometimes out of nowhere and no reason for them unless it's stress. Aura migraines are flashing lights a bit like looking into a crystal with a light behind it. It flashes with different colours.


Hi Mavary,

I used to take Naramig, but my migraines changed & I started getting auras (visual, auditory & all sensory). With the change the frequency & intensity of my migraines increased massively. I then ended up with an almost constant, medication overuse, rebound headache. The headache specialist told me NO more than 12 tabs a month. So I do have to tough out a few migraines each month.

The headache clinic prescribed Almogran, I have found this to be very effective. I was also prescribed medication to try to reduce, frequency/intensity. However those have been unsuccessful. As per my post last week, I think my migraines might be changing again.

I have experienced pain in my nose & cheekbones which has spread to my head. However I thought this was to do with my sinuses. An MRI scan of my neck & head showed inflammation of the sinuses, so I take an antihistamine every day & I don't have that pain all the time.

Who would have guessed I would long for the typical, 3 day, dark room, nausea filled, non aura migraine?

Hope you find some relief soon.

Kind regards, Catherine.


Hi Catherine.

It's the first time I have experienced pain in my nose that shoots through my head. I'm already on steroids for my nose as I had a polyp. A few years ago. I tried to come off it but I developed a cough and my asthma nurse told me to start taking it again. You can't win can you? I hope you can find some relief soon.


me to


I thankfully rarely get aura migraines anymore as the only way I can get rid of them is sleep. My migraine pain tends to be in my right temple like someone is stabing me with an ice pick or something.


I had another aura migraine today. I think a lot of the time they are brought on by stress. Not always though as I woke in the middle of the night on one occasion and I was having one. My migraines have always been on my right side of the head too. I still get bad heads quite often but my Naramig gets them under control so don't know if they would be as bad as they used to be.


Hi all.

Just an update. I've spoken to my Doctor and she says you can have auras without the migraine pain after. She also suggested I take an aspirin a day. I dismissed this as I suffer with my stomach. However when I got home and thought about it it made sense to give it a try so I will be going back to get some. I believe the coated ones are best if you suffer with stomach problems. She seems to think that thinning the blood is the way to go. I can see this as my Mother had strokes and my Sister has had several TIAs.


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