Migraine aura?

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I'm new here and just wanted to get some info from knowledgeable migraine sufferers. I'm a 28yr old female and a few months ago I started seeing my doctor due to dizzy spells/vertigo and fatigue. I was low in iron and had an iron infusion. Fatigue continued and got quite severe, didn't improve for about 6 weeks after I had the infusion. During this time I had an 'episode' with my right arm, tingling, numbness, weakness, hands cramping this lasted about at least 3hrs, went to bed and woke up with weakness and aching particularly in my hand joints that last for about 3 days with random shooting pains in up my arm and an on/off dull headache at the back of my skull. I now have a permanent slight weakness in my right hand/arm and the aching comes and goes depending on physical activity (I had not done anything to hurt it). Initially was treated as suspected stroke but after bloods and an MRI, that was ruled out. MRI showed a number of small non specific lesions on my brain. Was referred to neurologist. Before I saw him it had moved to my right leg and I was getting buzzing/tingling, aching and heavy dead leg sensation. I was getting a persistent twitch on my right side skull which is back now and feels like something is crawling through my hair, yuck! My fatigue had eased and my symptoms were coming and going less regularly by the time I saw him. He did some tests and said I do have a right side deficit in my arm and ordered Spinal MRI. He has ordered B12 and magnesium blood tests and gave me a script for a migraine preventative and string painkiller as he thinks it's migraines with aura. I don't normally need to take pain killers for the headaches when I get them, usually I can ignore it til it goes away. So I don't know why he prescribed me strong painkillers? Does this sound like migraine aura to you? From my research it seems migraine auras generally only last up to an hour, this certainly isn't the case for me. I don't have a history or family history of migraines. And obviously he thinks the right arm deficit is caused by something else. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  • Right, you tell a very interesting medical history. I have have Hughes Syndrome/APS, an autoimmune condition constantly missed by GP's and Neurologists, despite it first being described over 30 years ago, by Professor Graham Hughes himself.

    People with this condition often but not always have relatives with other autoimmune conditions, including thyroid, family members past and present. Also maybe some people in the family with history of miscarriages or stillbirths or strokes and heart attacks at an early age, also likely dangerous reactions to the contraceptive pill.

    Hughes Syndrome/APS also known as APS, or Antiphospholipid Syndrome - Sticky Blood, is easily treated and the blood tests for diagnosis are simple and cheap. I run a patient forum for this, many of our members are on here also for their migraines. Due to misdiagnosis, we even had a mention in The House of Lords regarding, awareness raising.

    I list three blood tests below, Lupus Anticagulant is NOT a Lupus test, just a misleading name, although Hughes Syndrome/APS is like a cousin of Lupus. Blood tests are best done at the hospital as the samples taken are time sensitive.


    It is not unusual to have low B12 and low iron, low D etc and a Thyroid problem alongside all of this!

    Best to rule it in or out!

    Our new charity will be providing a lot of information, the website is currently being built.



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