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Deep breathing for migraine

Hi everyone.

Has anyone tried deep breathing exercises to prevent migraine?

I have been doing this for a few days and found that it improved my symptoms. It also helped me sleep better and longer and lessened the attacks.

I'm not sure if this is the correct method. You could look this up. I slowly suck air into my mouth and slowly breath out through my nose, around 5-6 breaths each time.

May I am increasing my oxygen levels.

Hope this helps. Have a Blessed day

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Have read about this, it's to alleviate symptoms during onset because deep breathing supplies more oxygen to the brain. But when I have tried this or to rub my temples it never works. Trying to do things with my body during onset feels awful!


I thought the usual advice was to breathe IN thru the nose (count of 5 usually) and OUT thru the mouth (count of 6 or 7).

This is usually described as calming for stress levels and does at least make you stop and think about your breathing. Whether it actually helps or not probably depends on type and cause of headache.

I just try all the tricks when I get a bad head starting up - heated wheat bag on back of neck; recline in a chair and try to relax and snooze. Eat if I can. 4Head stick. Glass of water. 2 paracetamol and if possible I venture outside for some fresh air.

Good luck with whatever you try to alleviate the pain.



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