Not for migraine sufferers?

I have been getting migraines for a lot of years now. After no luck at the doctors, I decided to try acupressure as I get knots in my back and neck. I believe this is the cause of my headaches. This helped a lot however it was getting too expensive. I tried the doctors again and was re-fared to a specialist. I told them that acupressure helps. They do this on the NHS so I thought great! I was told I can't get this treatment as it is not for migraine sufferers. Does anyone know if this is right? I know what will help but they just keep giving me tablets that don't help at all. Is this right? Has anyone had acupressure on the NHS?

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi Stacey. I had accupuncture on the NHS for migraine but they will only allow you 4 sessions which is rediculous. You then have to go back to GP and be re referred. I argued that I'm sure it was less expensive than all the trial and error drugs I have been prescribed. Having said that they don't have the experience of the private acupuncturists and she hit a nerve in the back of my head the last time I went and I was in excruciating pain for days. Worst migrain ever so haven't been back. I have not tried the acupressure but would be very interested in doing so as my migraines also are triggered by neck pain.

  • Hi, thanks for the reply. Four sessions that is no were near enough! That doesn't sound good at all. We know how we feel and they don't seem to listen. I am really losing faith in doctors. When I first went for my first session (paid) he said straight away that my migraines are caused by the tension in my neck and shoulders. Wish it wasn't so expensive otherwise I would be there every week! I hope you get some relief soon.

  • Perhaps you develop one of the ailments for which acupressure is offered on the NHS?

  • There's an idea :) It's frustrating because I know it can help and to be told it's available but not for me.

  • found a Osteo-path that does acupuncture which he billed as a office call. It didn't help my migraines, but at least I got a good try out of it.

  • Well at least you can say you've tried.

  • Hi Stacey - my (NHS) doctor suggested I went to a training place for acupuncturists (like: as the 'students' you see are doing PhD's. So they're qualified but still have a specialist tutor to support them. This was about £24 an hour. The acupuncture didn't make any difference to my migraines.... I don't think it works for migraine tho. There's only evidence to show that it really helps for back pain.

    However, the tuina acupressure massage was a revelation and did help my neck and shoulder. I also now go for monthly massage and do shoulder physiotherapy exercises for neck / shoulder on my own and yoga. This is the best preventative method I've found that works over the years, other than the amitriptyline at low dosage for 12 months!

    Hope you find some relief soon. Take care, Q

  • That's a good idea. I'll have to look in to it. I also try to do yoga but maybe I'm not doing it enough as it doesn't seen to help much. I've been on tablets for 4 months but they don't work at all. Have to stay on them for a little longer before doctors will consider a different medication. Thank you for the reply. I'm glad you are finding things that help.


  • Check out the yoga journal website, click onto poses, when contraindications comes up click on to migraine/headaches.

    Avoid inverts, twists, etc

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