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Hello, I am a surgical RN who suffered horribly with vertigo that lasted a full MONTH! I truly would have welcomed death. I had projectile vomiting for several days and could only crawl to the bathroom, and only on rare occasions. I dont remember how I managed as I live alone.

I believe neck problems are part of the equation. Those of us who drink alcohol and eat any processed foods are deficient in magnesium, which relaxes muscle.

I keep a small bottle of magnesium oil in my handbag. I have stopped migraines many times by applying magnesium oil to my neck and my shoulders.

I use 'LifeFlo' available in the U.S. and apply some Blu Emu cream first as magnesium oil directly on the skin as magnesium oil can be annoying if it is applied without something else on the skin first.

I also take a very high dose of ibuprofen (800mg) I believe this really works since there is a muscular layer that covers the brain and blood vessels have a muscular lining. It is believed migraines occur when blood vessels contract and or spasm.

I truly hope that this might help some of you. God Bless you all!

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Hi vertigogo 😆 thank you for sharing. I too use mag oil on my neck, it does help but stings a bit on impact.

I thought my migraines where coming from my neck but it turned out to be my jaw, no cartilage on the left side.

I've had an athrosentisis but didn't work, have locked jaw and waiting on another op.

I was dizzy for months but never vomited. My sister has menier's and i can relate to your circumstances 😢 that's aweful on your own i Don'tknow how you cope 😣

Take care x

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thank you so much for all that info i hope you continue to feel well.sorry you felt so bad.


thank you for all that info,sorry to hear you felt so bad.wish you well.


I use the magnesium oil as well as magnesium tablets and many many re supplements. Unfortunately I can't take ibuprofen as I have had a gastric ulcer.

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Hi. I have not heart of life floor here in New Zealand. Do you know or have any thoughts on using amitryptaline


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