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Migraine with visual disturbances

Hey guys. I'm new to this but wondered if any of you had any advice for migraine with aura.. bit of background..

I had my first migraine during my 1st pregnancy. Started as a blind spot followed by a patch of zigzag wavy black lines on the right hand side of my vision for about 15 mins.. this eventually subsides and is followed by awful headache all at the forehead area. (This is always what I get with migraines) .. long story short I had quite a few through that 1st pregnancy doctors felt it was probably triggered via hormonal changes.. I had a couple after pregnancy and then NOTHING for 2 years (yay!) And in that 2 years I had another pregnancy and not 1 migraine. My 2nd daughter is now 8 months old and I've had 4 migraines with aura in the past 5 days! Paracetamol and ibuprofen don't touch it.. even the migraine relief pain killers don't do anything.. I can't find a trigger other than I am due a period in 2 days time so maybe hormones again but I wonder if anyone's had anything similar.. It's so bizarre to have nothing for 2 years.. nothing's changed and suddenly I've had a load of them! As you can imagine it's quite hard with a 2.5 year old and an 8 month old to just go to bed til it passes lol.

Any advice greatly appreciated :)

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Hi there and welcome 😁 oh yeah i know that well. I had aura migraines every couple of days throughout both pregnancies, thank god for good neighbours because they continued and i still have them at 52yrs.

Migralieve duo tablets saved my life sooo many yrs until in my late 30's i needed triptans.

It was all hormones! And now menopause is coming it's out of control. Speak to your GP they should be able to help with contraception hormone balancing stuff.

I got steralised but still got marina coil to balance hormones, that helped for 5yrs .

Good luck 👍


Oh one other thing!! I wore sunglasses morning to night, the sun got me everytime. I've tried every colour and bought green migralenses 4wks ago! WOW no more darkness and no eye pain or aura for 4wks!!


Hi Cally, this sounds good - which brand of glasses, where did you get them? Was it from an optician? I asked at my last eye test & they didn't know anything about it. There's an American company (forget the name) that does a range specially for migraine and I was wondering whether to try them, it's just that trying all these different things is costing money I don't have. TIA

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Hi Frido how you doing? I get them from a place called migralense online, mine are just sunglasses but they do prescrition too. I seen the american ones, pretty expensive. Mine were £40 wraparound ones. You can also get them to go over your glasses 😁.

Be well.


Thanks Cally, I'll have a look. Cost sounds a bit more reasonable than the USA ones. If they work for you they must be good ;)

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Yup!! One glimps of the sun and I'm wiped out. Still no aura 😁 hope they work for you 💖


Hi Cally01 - I've just looked on line at migralense and they're really expensive ! Can you send me the link for the £40 ones please ... TIA

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Hey , letter header has Mediview on it. Email :

Tele: 020 8933 7914.

£38.99 + postage.

Thats everything on paperwork. Think my hubby got them on amazon.

Still no aura 😁 be well hun 👍


Have you been to your GP? You really need to, over the counter is not going to work. Migraleve makes mine worse.

Your story could be mine!!! I think it's very common. My children are a bit older but I had three under three and a half. Also a part time teacher, migraines have been the bane of my life at times. My GP was amazing. Tried a few things until sumatriptan worked. Take it as soon as my vision goes (sometimes my voice sounds strange in my head and I know the aura is coming). Occasionally I have to take a second. But within twenty minutes I am back to normal. No headache. No hangover feeling the next day. I often lose the feeling in my hand or arm and my speech can be effected (particularly when pregnant) but the sumatriptan is a life saver.

Go to your GP!!


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