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Hi, I am considering having surgery for migraine in Berlin with Dr Muhlberger. Has anyone had this surgery that could give me some info please?? It's such a big decision and I'm unsure what to do, I'd love to go for the op but the cost is a consideration, Im also bit worried about a few things I've read about migraines being worse during recovery?? I have full trust in dr muhlberger... I live in the UK and would fly to Berlin. I am 37 and have suffered with migraine since I was 11... they have always followed the same pattern, aura (40 mins) followed by the pain, light sensitivity & sickness etc... as I got older I would also get pens & needles and confused speech... I have never found my 'triggers' often I wake up with them in full swing. I've tried all the usual pain relief, beta blockers, triptans etc etc. They have never followed a pattern, but about 5 years ago they came in clusters and if I was lucky I'd get a cluster of 5 then maybe nothing for 12 months, the last 18 months they've gone in clusters but the longest gap has been 6 weeks... if I'm lucky... Since my first Botox test (8 weeks ago) I have had 3 migraines but totally different, I could even work through one, no sickness etc!!!!! I have opted for a second round of Botox which I had yesterday to further validate it... but having discussed the surgery I'm keen to hear from others... many thanks kate

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  • What type of surgery?

  • Look at Stanton migraine protocol, changed my life

  • Dr Muhlberger tested me first with Botox to paralyze the corrgugator muscles in the forehead which might have been the cause of my migraines. The Botox didn't work so Dr Muhlberger said he couldn't help me. If it had worked, he would have suggested the surgical removal of the offending muscle.

    He used to work in London's Harley Street and never suggested to me the need to travel to Berlin.

    Have you had the Botox test?

  • Hi, I'm seeing dr muhlberger in London, but he has since told me that he only performs the surgery in Berlin. We only got to the stage of discussing the surgery because the first Botox test had given me huge relief, I have just had a second round of Botox to further test it...and at this appointment we talked about the surgery, I'm glad I'm in the position to be considering it because I feel like there may be help but still so hard to know what to do.

  • In Berlin? That's going to be expensive. Good luck anyway.

  • If botox test works - then only you will be selected for surgery - but I thought it is done in London these days and no need to travel Germany - migrainesurgery.co.uk/uk/en...

    ** I never tried it - so I wrote what I have heard from others. Total cost is approximately £3k.

  • I had this surgery done in 2011 , it helped reduce the pain but my attacjs still happened as frequently.

    You can have the surgery done in London but it costs more apparently ? I had mone done in Berlin , it was a lovely hospital and very nice place to visit!! .

    I have since started Stanton Migraine Protocol which can be found on Facebook which TBH is better at reducing /controlling migraines and doesn't cost a penny . You will need some serious willpower to follow it tho worth it.

  • Hi, I had this surgery in Berlin. He operated on 3 sites - corrugator muscle, occipital muscle and an artery at my temple. Unfortunately it didn't work for me, and the recovery afterwards was much worse than I expected.

  • Hi, thanks for replying... I'm sorry to hear you didn't have success with the surgery, that must've been so disappointing building your hopes up and going through all of that. Did you have the Botox test?? and was it dr muhlberger that operated on you?? Sorry for 20 questions.

  • Yes I had the Botox test - I had less pain in my forehead but I still had pain around my temples which didn't go before surgery. Dr Muhlberger said that it was because of an artery rather than a muscle compressing the nerve. I decided to opt for the surgery anyway and had the artery blocked and had decompression of the occipital and trigeminal nerves. After the surgery, my eyes didn't close properly for a few months and I had numbness around my scalp. As soon as the numbness went away, my migraine pain returned. I had pinned all my hopes on surgery so it was a massive disappointment. I don't want to put you off, just to let you know that it doesn't work for everyone. I really hope you get a better result if you decide to go for the surgery.

  • Hi, I totally value getting your advice and as much info as possible... post surgery sounds awful... so much to consider. I've had complete relief with the Botox so the surgery is tempting...

  • what type of migraine surgery? I'm considering having a shunt put in to lower my spinal fluid pressure and I know there are numerous other things being tried out there -one is placing a stimulator like a tens unit, under your skin and other surgeries of trigeminal nerve

  • Hi, it's nerve decompression surgery of the corregator muscle and the ocipital.

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