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Paranoid with my migraine pain!

Hi everyone,

I have suffered with migraines for 10 years. After a CT scan 9 years ago, i was diagnosed with common migraine without aura.

I have since lived with migraines, mostly right sided. They started moving to the left about a year ago so now they jus move fr side to side but mostly right. Started getting face ache at times which the doc said was down to anxiety. And that migraines moving side to side was normal.

Had a blood test at end of last year to check general health which was fine and doctor checked my eyes with that light too...

But i had a friend message today. She had been having headaches, that got severe over a few months, which progressed to blurred vision and headrushes. She went to see an optician who sent her hospital and last nite had a tumor removed!

This has scared me a lot...

I mean, how would someone with my history know if it was worse than migraines???

Obce doctors diagnose the migraine, tjey dont exactly send for regular testing...

Its really worried me... am i being paranoid..?

Could people with migraines develop tumors years later??

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Oh dear... don't panic! My migraines move about, too, sometimes even in the course of an attack. This is quite normal - if migraine is normal! I think that's your pain is unlikely to be caused by a tumour if the pain is moving around because tumours tend to stay in one place, I think.

Have you tried any migraine-specific medication such as a triptan? My doctor told me that if a triptan works and kills the headache, it is definitely migraine. If you're not happy with how your doctor is dealing with this (and maybe he's not very knowledgeable in the migraine area) then tell him/her that you would like to see a neurologist. Even though I've had migraines for almost seventy years, I'm still getting checked every six months by my neurologist who is trying different types of medication on me.

I think that migraine is not taken as seriously as it should be because it's not life-threatening. Nobody dies of a migraine attack. So I say again, don't panic and don't be influenced by what happens to other people. Just try to find out more about your own condition from a specialist and try some different medications until you find something that suits you. So far, I've only been partially lucky but I haven't given up!

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I couldn't have said it better. Definately feels like you could die. It's frustrating for all of us that migraines are not taken as serious as they feel.

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Hi Seawarrior,

I think my anxiety has got the better of me since hearing my friends news. More down to the fact of how the doctors monitor people with migraine, and instead, after, diagnosis thats pretty much it.

I do take triptans,they have save me.as well as ruin me at times due to rebound headaches but i have found the balance..

I think in going to visit a migraine clinic and discuss my situation. Least they will listen :)


I too worry about my migrains as they started to get almost daily just as I hit 60 (same as my mum) she suffered a stroke in her 70's. I certainly don't think they take migraine as seriously as they should. If you had a scan and all was clear then you needn't worry but perhaps ask for another scan to put your mind at rest


Hi Babs,

My scan10 years ago was indeed clear but does tht need to b updated tho?


I would want one updated after 10 years if my migraines were still bad


I know what you mean. I worry about stuff like that too. Especially when my migraines change location and "feel" different. However, I think the reassurance you need is in your description of your friend's illness. I believe the key here is that tumor pain gets progressively worse, in a relatively short time. I imagine it also stays in the same location, and is combined with other neurological/physical effects. Her symptoms clearly indicated something was wrong. In other words, I think you would know the difference! I am no doctor, but this is how I reassure myself.

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Ive suffered severe persistent migraine for last 3 years. Ct scan last week revealed a "mast" of the left part of my brain. Now booked in for emergency mri with contrast dye to find out exactly what it is 😭

Sarah xx


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