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Exercise induced migraine??



I've been keeping myself pretty fit for the last 3/4 years but I have had a couple of months off, on going back to crossfit (which I used to do 2 or 3 times a week) I keep getting migraines with aura as soon as I get back! How has this all of a sudden started happening? Does any one else get this and found anything that helps?? I really don't want to give it up becaue I enjoy it! Only thing I can think of is I had the mirena coil fitted in June?

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Exercised induced migraine, very common - what do you do - take your migraine tablet with you, in your leggings or shorts and take immediately. Either that or change your form of exercise where you do not have such a fast heart rate increase. Or just crack on through it!

Gentle exercise is supposed to help migraine. Maybe after your break you should start off really slowly and build up.

Hi I get this, the doctor at the migraine clinic said it's actually caused by a drop in blood sugar.

He said to eat something sugary before exercising, even cake! Although he was all about the low GI to be fair..But actually the best thing I find is a very oaty sort of cereal bar. Really helps. It's got enough in it to keep you going until after the exercise. I eat it literally on the way in my car. And also to keep drinking water during, as getting dehydrated will also cause it.

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oats likely to be very good - in terms of carbohydrates (which are complex sugars) they are slow release so tend to not to give you the big sugar spike in your blood that you get with refined sugars and seems to be linked to development of type 2 diabetes.

drop in blood sugars would be my best guess on the reason for the headache, but also wondering what caused the break in exercise? and whether there might be something else underlying everything. My migraines got worse when I was B12 deficient and being B12 deficient certainly has an impact on your energy levels.

I tend to find that jogging (gentle) actually helps me with my migraine so interesting to see Annaelizabeth 's response above in relation to heart beat rates.

I think it's the coil , hormones wreak havoc with my migraines and I cannot have hormone contraception of any kind. I would have it removed and see if it stops them ... If not then you know it's something else triggering them

In addition if you are sweating a lot ensure you take small pinch salt with water that you drink , it will hydrate you much better than water alone

Oooh I like the idea of having sugar before working out!! My reason for break was, I went away doing alot of strenuous exercise and when I came back I just decided to sit on my bum for a while...plus husband was away for a few weeks too!!

Hi Sian,

I got this out of the blue 4 years ago. I used to play football 5-6 days a week, now I cannot jog around the block.

Did you find a solution?

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