Hairdresser induced migraine?

Has anyone else experienced this? I think it happens if I have my head backwards to the basin when my hair's washed. Could it be caused by pressure on the back of my neck? Recently, I've been requesting a forward wash and it hasn't happened (fingers crossed). I do have other migraine triggers (bright light and contrasting shadows, instant coffee)

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  • Yes definitely from the pressure on the neck. I went in for haircuts for years with clean hair and declined salon wash for that reason. Now I ask the hair stylist to put a towel or two on the indentation of the wash basin for the neck-- big difference!

  • Hello,

    I almost always get a migraine after the hairdresser which is partly why I try and do my own hair (the other reason being the money). I have to go at least once a year because I can't cut the back of head very well!

    I know my neck being on the basin is definitely part of it because if they do it quickly its not as bad, also I have a very small head and neck and none of the basins and chairs fit me, if you know what I mean. It is also the length of the appointment too, so if they are dying and cutting it is a guaranteed migraine. I have very chronic migraines so I'm very susceptible but mother has them much more rarely and she gets them from the hairdressers also.

    Some people are really sensitive to smells with perfumes triggering their migraines so it may also be all the smells of the bleach etc.

    Because I am so used to getting migraines from the hairdressers there is also the stress I now associate with it.

    On the up side it has made me much better at doing hair in general although it does obviously restrict what sort of hair styles you can have.....

  • Thank you. That's very helpful

  • Not sure where you live, but if you try an organic hairdresser it might help. I go to Daniel Field, and there's literally no smell at all.

  • Thanks. I live in Birmingham UK. I'll try to find an organic place

  • Yes stick a towel under your head between your neck and the basin, makes a big difference. I also don't let them faff about and do a head massage etc, I just say I find it uncomfortable and hope they are as quick as possible.

  • One of the biggest triggers for many people's migraines (certainly mine) are chemical aromas. And a beauty salon is chock full of them so my guess is that is what is giving you problems.

  • Thank you. I'll certainly keep this in mind

  • Of course i get them.i don't blow dry it gives me a migraine

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