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My husband suffers with migrains..he takes simutraprin injections.We have been on holiday to Australia from the UK. .going was ok but as we where descending into heathrow my husband started talking gibberish. .this happens when it's a bad one..he took injections and paracetamol. I got him home to bed ..his migrains usually last 24 hrs but it's coming to 36 now..he's still talking gibberish and has been vomiting. . ..he's having his injections and paracetamol to keep his temp down..It's never usually this long..has anyone else had this? And how long distance it last.thankyou.

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Hi Deebatts, Ive taken bad migraines while flying with the change in pressure but it's been under control with sumatriptan injections .

I have a friend who found information about what to do if your flying on a page called "migraine sufferers who want to be cured" it's on facebook. Maybe something there can help you get him home a bit easier.

Good luck !!

I really think you need to take him to the ER. It could be a stroke and if so he needs to be treated ASAP. Hopefully they will find its just a really bad migraine but best to make sure.

I agree with Tassie, get him to A&E.

Migraines can last up to 72 hours but his symptoms sound very extreme and as if they are worsening. It is possible although unusual to have a stroke with migraine.

I think the others are right. I would ring 111 and they will assess him and they will send a paramedic to check him over.

I had my first migraine aged 20, I'm now pensionable age, travelled all over the world and have had migraines in some of the most exotic and far flung places on the planet,

tried all kinds of meds and to be honest nothing has really worked, I now take zero and Im much better for it I believe, I get confused and can talk gibberish when I have a migraine too, it can last anywhere between 24-36 hours,

Id say its not totally unexpected to get a migraine when travelling before, or after, particularly on long haul for me anyhow, I've travelled to Thailand with a migraine, not recommended but better than cancelling my trip

I now accept I cant control it and try to sleep a few hours during the day if poss. peace and quiet in a darkened room is bliss, better than any medication IMO

Im now against taking any meds for migraine long term, especially paracetamol

easy over the counter stuff, easy to loose track of how much you take over a week / month/ year etc.

constant rebound headaches / migraine, I believe is a real issue.

Thank you all for your replies.The doctor is on her way..He seems a little better than yesterday..Ive packed a bag just in case they send him to hospital.The very 1st one he had we and the doc thought it was a stroke and he was treated for it.Now we know its Migraines.I must admit when they 1st happend i was god its a headache get over it.Now 16yrs later i take my hat off to all you sufferers.I dont know what its like but when it leaves a grown fit person a gibbering wreck i feel for you all i really do.I no longer judge anyone who suffers.I really hope you all can get them under control and i hope we can too.Thanks again and i will keep you posted.

Hi everyone.just an update.The doctor sent my hubby to A&E as she wasnt happy with his condition.They have done a chest xray a CT scan and his bloods.They all came back normal.They are keeping in him to monitor him ..hes still a little confused but nothing like he was.They are also checking to see if he has a water infection as he could have been dehydrated with the long flight.Thank you all again for your replies..heres hoping for a speedy recovery.x

If yr worried then go to hospital. I for one have taken that drug orally and been sick with migraines but his sound like they are getting fierce so hospital is my suggestion.

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