Can't cope no more :(


My names Dimitra and I'm 26. I've suffered from migraines since I was around 12. As I've got older they have got worse and its ruining my life. I have 2 young children which makes dealing with migraines worse. I have been to my doctors on many many occasions and he refuses to give me anything. I got sent to the neurologist who put me on medications and I felt it really took my migraines down to a lot less then what I was having.

Since then they have sent me back to my doctor to get a repeat prescription. Wrote him letters but he's refused to prescribe it. I went back again Friday and he's refusing anything getting books out saying they have bad long term side affects.

I don't know what to do. I can't live without nothing. This one week I've had 4 on going migraines not including the hang over I get after. My husband has had to take time off work to help me.

This can't be a normal life for nun of us.

Any advice most grateful.



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  • Hi Dimetra10. This is just aweful 😱 you should go back to the neurologist and tell them you can't get the meds on prescription from your GP. Maybe get another GP too. I know it's aweful trying to raise children and cope with the wipe out pain. Please don't give up 😀 us sufferer's are very strong and fighters!!! Get in touch with your neurologist good luck and take care x read through this page and look at magnesium it helps lots of people. You buy it from a pharmacy

  • Find a new Dr. Immediately

  • You must find a new Dr. that will help you. It's that simple. Good luck

  • Find a new GP right away please 😱 and then put in a complaint with PALS about him.

    Keep your chin Dimitra 😉 your in the right place for advice we are all in the same 🚣🏼 one way or another 😊 xx

  • That is a very good idea about putting a complaint in about the doctor I hate it when people dismiss migraines and I have found many doctors are like this!

  • Just because they are your doctor does not give them the right to think they are any better then their patients yes they have medical knowledge but they should use it to help not hinder just my opinion

  • Hi Dimitra.

    I suffered from a very young child with migraines. Luckily I don't get them often. In fact since my Dr put me on Clonidine Hydrochloride and Naramig which I take if I feel one coming on I don't get really bad ones at all. I just get niggling headaches that I just can't get rid of. I can sympathise with the pain as I've known quite a few migraines in my lifetime. I suppose it was lucky they hit on the right tablets. One Dr did try at one time to take them away but I told him he couldn't as nothing else worked. Luckily I don't take them often. I think there is a great concern about longterm triptans. I've noticed on this forum that people have used alternative ways to try and control migraines. Keep on here and maybe you will find something to help you. I really hope you can find something. It's an awful thing to suffer with especially when you are having so many.

  • Dimitra, hon change your doctor immediately. How dare he go agains a specialists advice.

  • Dimitra,

    As as has been said before please change your doctor I had problems. You will find a sympathetic doctor believe me

  • Yes much as I am against the principle of taking medications for migraine and I do take them myself, they are a necessary standby when you've tried everything else so for a doctor to refuse to prescribe them point blank seems very unhelpful under the circumstances.

  • Thank you all for your comments. I have changed my gp and now waiting for my notes to be sent over. I will post in a couple days to keep all updated. Thanks again xxx

  • Oh dear Dimitra I am so sorry for your suffering and struggles, I hope your new dr is a better fit for you. I have had lots of help from changing my way of eating and following a Ketogenic diet. I learned sugar and wheat are triggers, and tomatoes, and eating higher than 20 g of carbs per day (with the odd treat). I read, "The Migraine Brain" by Dr Josh Turknett (neurologist & former migraine sufferer). WIthout his help I would still have daily crippling migraines. I am helping my kids with this as well because they inherited my brain sensitivities and have migraine as well. My husband is amazed at my turn around!

    Best of luck Dimitra..getting this book from the library (or buying it) would be a smart investment in your and your families future. GOogle Ketogenic diets for helps.



  • Like to hear more about the Ketogenic diet? I am very curious as i have always felt that my diet is a trigger but not sure what. I have a healthy diet with lots of fresh greens, fruit and veg, but do have carbs and occasional sugar to hear how it changed things for you and how long it took to work for changing your diet? Thanks for sharing this,


  • I have had migraine since age five. I have found sugar to be a trigger for migraine-- migraine is its food. Sugar, additives like MSG and nitrates in processed foods, and alcohol are the worst triggers for me. Many avoid nuts and cheeses; I find these to be fine. 

    We are all different, but I suggest trying to track your headache after eating sweets of any kind-- for me a "sugar migraine" starts several hours later and lasts for two or three days of completely crippling ice pick pain. 

    "MSG headaches" start about twenty minutes after a meal.

    It sounds like you have an excellent diet with lots of fresh , maybe the Keyogenic diet is worth trying for many of us. For me low carb is tricky because I need to keep my weight up. Take care!

  • Thank you! I just purchased the Migraine Miracle by Josh Turknett...i feel both wheat/glutin and sugars are definitely in the matrix of causing migraine activity here. I am psyching myself up to cleansing and detoxing and doing the diet he suggests, cutting out both glutin and sugars and seeing how that effects me...feels worth the difficulty and effort if it results in low or no migraine! Thanks Margauxjean and all the best to you too :)

  • Well done for changing your Dr. Now you are on meds that work it is just a matter of time before you get them under control. Don't lose hope.

  • Hi there,

    I agree with the other comments - you definitely need to change your gp and go back to the neurologist. I saw many docs before now and at long last i see an amazing gp at my surgery.

    Migraine is an awful debilitating condition.

    Good luck!

  • I have one thing to say CHANGE YOUR DOCTORS!!!!

    There is lots of medications you can try for migraines.

    What has worked for me is amitriptyline, I feel bad for you, I can tell you feel hopeless and know what it is like to have to look after young children while you have a migraine.

  • The first advice I would give is to change your GP!  He sounds so unsupportive. Yes there are side effects and we'd all rather not take the medication but it needs to be balanced with your quality of life. Have you also considered referring yourself to the National Migraine Clinic in London?  With the preventative medication, it really is trial and error to see what works for you - I have tried about six different drugs and have settled now on a combination of pizotofen and a small dose of nanadol, which has reduced the migraines down from twice a week to one or two a month. I take sumitriptan as a pain killer when I do get one.  I also make sure I eat little and often, drink lots of water, no alcohol and get enough sleep.  Good luck Dimitra, I hope you find something that helps x

  • Hello everyone,

    Thank you all for you comments, suggestions and kind words. I changed my GP who has sympathy and was interested in finding a way for me to get them under control. He went through all of the letters from my neurologist and put me on the medication he had gave me previously but I finished n my GP refused to re prescribe. Anyway he's out me on a course of topiramate 25mg (previously 50mg) unsure on dosage change. Also he said I need to keep the nasal spray to the minimum as they don't recommend them for long term use even tho they do work but cause not so nice after feelings. 

    So I'm glad this is a start. I've also purchased migraleve which I've used once since starting the new medication a week ago. I really hope I can control them although I'm concerned about my diet. Does anyone have any information on the ketogentic diet?

    Thank you again :)) would love to keep in contact with you all xxx

  • i think maybe you should change your G.P, its sounds like you are very stressed out with a young family, you may need to talk to a psychologist its clear you need help, i changed my GP only because he had no idea how i was really feeling nothing to do with drugs, you might also try alternative meds go to your health food store tell them your problem they helped me,im taking passiflora its really good,you will get there it takes time, wish you well.

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