50 years of coping with Migraine

I've had migraines since I was 15...I am now 67....and still getting them...if I get the aura/castellated lines /zigzag lines across my field of vision...I know I've got one coming and have about 15-20 minutes to take 2 paracetamol...which will head it off - (I also CANNOT drink coffee, which I love...it tastes foul...so I have to drink tea)....if I miss that window or wake up with migraine in progress...NOTHING tablet wise will absorb via my stomach....I can't take the injection ( not allowed) so my GP came up with the idea of motillium (Domperidone) suppositories...not the most pleasant cure...but it works - 20 minutes after inserting one I can absorb painkillers...and usually a couple of paracetamol works for me then. Unfortunately, It's now hard to get hold of...so my new GP tried prescribing Buccastem...which is placed between lip and gum and dissolves...and sometimes works....but not always. I asked my sister, who lives in France, if she could get Motillium Suppositories there...(The French used to use a lot of suppository medication) no joy, but she spoke to the pharmacist who recommended trying Vogalene (Metopimazine) suppositories... and they help. But I can hardly get meds in France as a regular way of coping.... so, does anyone know of a suppository I can get in this country to stop the stomach symptoms of non-absorption and nausea? PS...I come from a family with several migraine sufferers....bad luck with the genes eh?

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  • Hi I know how ur feeling. I'm 33 I've had them since I was 16. Think I've had everything I can have. I'm taking sumatripton at the moment but if I don't catch it within 10 mins there's no point taking a tablet. At moment I'm a week into trying a natural oil. My partner came across it when he was looking at something for my endometriosis . It's called black seed oil. It says it helps with Magraines too. I hope so... here if u want chat....

  • Cala...Thanks for the reply...wish I could try sumatripton...but, having recovered from a stroke when I was 40, they are contra-indicated for me too. It is the time factor which makes for success in both of us....if we can absorb the pain-killers in time it works...if not, something to work on the stomach throughput, in order to absorb tablets... so we can't take an antiemetic via the oral route...it has to be injected or suppository or buccal... black seed oil would be capsules or liquid I assume?

  • I have the liquid. A week into it and so far had 2 Magraines which is gd I normally have 5 a week.

  • good luck both of you... all we can do is keep trying different things & sharing success stories! I'm currently making a real effort to hold my phone up, so I'm not looking down so much, which puts a huge strain on the neck & can apparently trigger migraines - I can well believe this! Like many, I do so much through my phone, including emails & it makes me wonder if this is a factor (among others). Good luck🙂

  • I have same start when I was 15 years old right after I had my menstru ciclo an I have some time 4or 3 migranas in one week I usually take Zomig

    I recently my Dr send me for a CT scan so I found out that I have artritis on my neck so maybe I will do Botox I'm thinking about .

    Good luck

  • Oh how awful for you to have had a lifetime of vile migraines - you have my sympathies. I have no idea about the suppositories, have only ever used Paracetamol suppositories. Guess you have been through the spectrum of "alternatives". Yep I know what you mean re: bad luck with genes - I have similar with a whole range of inherited conditions, eg. arthritis, adrogenic alopecia (brought on by menopause).

    On another thread, somebody is suggesting EPO/Fflax. May be worth a try. I am having some reprieve using Magnesium Citrate at night, Co Q10 and B2. In fact I think the B2 is having a good effect.

    We're all different but I find Alka Seltzer in a small amount of water just as the migraine is starting, to be the most effective. I don't use Triptan anymore due to being post-menopause (artery narrowing) and the other side effects. Anyway, hope this doesn't sound like trying to treat a grandmother to suck eggs, as I am sure you could write a book about your migraine experience!

    I hope you find some relief.

  • I believe it is genetic....so maybe there are one or two on here related to me, albeit distantly! I take vit B complex. I didn't realise there were Paracetamol suppositories...perhaps that is what I should take at the start...just pray I don't get the start of a migraine while I'm out! :)

    Thanks for replying and the ideas!

  • Forgot to say - I had to get the Paracetamol suppositories on prescription from GP - requested them over the phone. Possibly you may find them for sale on the net somewhere. Agree not easy to use when out and about - only in privacy of one's bathroom! The main thing that has helped my migraine is estrogen patches (guess we're all so different).

  • I shall request a trial of Paracetamol supps in that case! Thanks.

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