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Hi looking for advice I have been having headaches fir about 6 weeks mayb more doctor has checked bp which was fine and prescribed me propranolol ibuprofen and paracetamol to take it isn't helping I have pain behind right eye and also top of my head feel like it's going to explode lots of pain any advice tried all over counter medication also and lavender remedies

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  • HI. I have been having something very similar for the past 3 weeks. I haven't been to the doctors yet but I am going to go to the opticians as I know that headaches and eye pains can be from eye strain/needing glasses. Maybe you should consider going to the opticians also just in case that is the cause behind your headaches.

  • I've been to opticians all fine av to go bk to doctors next Wednesday

  • Could be cluster headaches, Google it and if you feel it matches, get back to your doctors. They find it difficult to diagnose so you need to educate them.

  • Is it serious

  • It's not life threatening -just extremely painful. See your doctor for correct medication and diagnosis-usually sumatriptan and oxygen will help. Let me know how you get on xx

  • How will they diagnosed?

  • It's all about the pattern of headaches, have you googled it. Try OUCH.UK there's loads of information on their site-Organisation for Understanding Cluster Headaches.

  • Ask to be referred to a neurologist.

  • I have asked and recently had ct scan now awaiting results

  • Do we ever get any answers on here about this?

  • This page has helped alot with any questions I ever ask

  • Personally, I believe it's 'hit or miss'. The doctors simply keep prescribing different meds until, if you are lucky, hit upon the right combination. Just don't take Effexor! Google it, there is a Facebook page dedicated to the horrible withdrawal effects of the drug!

  • Thanks everyone do u need scans etc for diagnosis

  • I had the same symtoms as yours. It was so bad I couldn't even sit still. Got new glasses & even went to the dentist. I had pain at the back of neck & behind my right eye, dizziness, loss of balance. My doctor said it's a cluster headache. Ive had it for 7 months now, however Sumatriptans have helped with the pain. good luck.

  • Yes. ibuprofen doesn't help a migraine

    Find another Doctor.

  • Leah and all . . . Good comments; the doctors are trying their hardest but, unless they have personally experienced Migraines, they are at a loss to diagnose definitively. They must (it's in their Oath) rule out really scary things, like stroke or tumors but, that leaves oodles of ailments . . . meanwhile, you suffer on, feeling you don't have a life. I hope it's "only" Migraine; they still don't have cure but sometimes it's preventable. You will become very proactive about your health; that's a good . . . be aware that your system will eventually build up a tolerance to any oral pain relievers; they don't know if cannabis is the same way; and we're not likely to find out until I am dead of old age.

  • Triptans (Rizotriptan, zolotriptan and others) all will take away headaches, but wont prevent them.

    Larry Dahlka

  • If you can get to a neurologist -preferably one that specializes in headaches-that's your best option. I have daily chronic migraine and breastfeed my son so my options are very limited as to what I can take. He's got me on b2, mag, midrin, tizanidine, norco, and recently suggested butterbur. (See petadolex post ). I haven't tried the butterbur for prevention yet due to lack of money. Im on a decent amount of meds already for bipolar disorder as well. As soon as this baby is fully weaned we are going to start botox injections for prevention. They did do an mri and a spinal tap and those were to rule out cancer and csf leaks. I kind of wish they would've found something just to be able to great it and it go away. I'd always had migraines at least a couple times a month but as soon as I got pregnant with my second child they got much much worse. I started seeing a neurologist while pregnant and then switched to a new one that specializes in migraine about 6 months ago. He's the first doc that didn't tell me to stop breast feeding my baby so I could medicate the headaches. My lil man was a preemie so it was very important to us that he breastfeed.

    Anyway- good luck and hang in there!

  • Glaucoma has the same symptoms. Do you have arthritis. ?

  • No I'm 28 yrs old x

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