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I've recently been advised by my NHS headache specialist nurse to try Riboflavin at dose of 400mg per day.

Despite having had migraines and other headaches for 45 years I'd never heard of this as a preventative treatment but I thought I'd give it a try as I've tried everything else without any success!

I did some research as I was already taking maximum normal dose of all B vitamins daily and it seems it may be best to take Riboflavin (B2) in conjunction with the others. So I've started to take 3 @ 100mg Riboflavin plus one of the multi B vits daily, all at once at breakfast. I only started last week around the anniversary to celebrate a year since last Zomig. I believe it may take 3 months to see if it reduces the number of attacks. We shall see.

Has anyone else already tried this with any success?

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I am also a migraine sufferer and took rib for 6 months for a different medical issue. TryING to recall if headaches were better during this period. ..think they were but certainly can t recall any bad migraines during that time. Good luck x


I tried B2 after a GP who had migraine told me he took it himself. It certainly wasn't offered to me as a patient however, until now, when it's been recommended by a specialist along with magnesium. As a result, I didn't realise how much I needed to take and for how long before it became effective. Same with magnesium, even so the specialist did not explain there are different forms of magnesium, some easier to assimilate than others.

I think it does make a difference now I'm taking the proper amount. At least, symptoms get worse if I don't take it.


Yes magnesium malate is a good one. the general one you get at Holland and Barratt is not the right one and can cause to suffer with loose bowel movements. I got malate but had to get it on prescription as a special and costs almost £20 I believe.


Blimey, I certainly have not been offered this on prescription. I might ask just to see the expression on my GP's face. I've changed to magnesium citrate powder recently as the tablets are impossible to swallow without choking.


I asked for it on prescription with proof of my letter from the Migraine Centre. Otherwise your GP may give you the same nonsense mine always gives ... 'due to the hardship nature of the NHS at the moment we cannot get you any alternative therapies / special medication / trials' because I assume migraine is seen as not important enough chronic illness to suffer from!!


Exactly right, migraine isn't seen as serious or important. Therefore those who have it are not taken seriously no matter how much pain they are in, how frequently, and how much their lives are impacted. Just had 'telling off' from otherwise good GP along these financial lines re. a treatment a specialist recommended. This GP thinks 'everyone can get migraine' and 'you're not really ill.'


Iv been suffering bad headachand migrans for years at moment im taking sumatriptan 100 mg it dos help iv beenbwaiting 4 months to see a neurologist it takes the piss also got infllmation of small bowel realy sick of it and suffer with anxiety it proper dos my head in some time i just feel like ending it all just for all the pains to go.x


I have been taking B2(riboflavin) for years. It definitely reduces the severity of my migraines. You can not overdose on B2 as it is water soluble so what you don't absorb passes straight through. You will notice your pee being bright yellow! I take 100mg 3 times a day, the last dose being around 6pm. Don't take it any later as it can be a bit stimulating. You can take up to 400mg a day quite safely.

Hope this helps. All the best.


Thanks very much for the replies. I have noticed an (annoying) increase in number of trips to the loo but no significant colour change yet. I wasn't sure whether to take them all at once but that's what the specialist nurse suggested when I rang her back to check. I take them at breakfast.

If you don't mind my asking, what other medical conditions might it be prescribed for? My daughter suffers from fibromyalgia which shares some similarities with migraines I believe and we're looking into natural(ish) alternatives to all the drugs she's on.

Thanks again



As some have said, you can't OD on it because after your body absorbs what it needs, it passes out the rest. The same probably for a lot of vitamin tablets, people spend money on what the body gets rid of as waste, so can be a waste of money. I thought I had pretty good success with it after several months, but I was doing night shifts around the time and I think the upside down routine and lack of sleep didn't help. I think I would have had better success with a regular routine which in time means I would like to try it again as I personally thought there was defo something in it. Hope it works well for you.


I didn't get it on prescription. I just bought a bottle of 30 @ 100mg B2 tablets from Holland & Barrett. It's going to work out fairly expensive taking 3 a day plus the multi B vitamins which I already had but if it works I'll give it a go.

My GP received the letter I had about my phone appointment with the specialist nurse (I don't know what's happened to the neurologist I used to see in the hospital) so it'll be interesting to see what she makes of it. I doubt if she'll offer me prescription freebies!


Pattipan - Please follow the correct dose, the amount has to be 400mg per day and it is advised to take all in one go. Taking 302 mg is not as effective as 400mg - this is what the original researchers said - they strongly recommend 400mg - no less. I am also buying it from H&B and it was on penny sale, so the bottle was 2 for one. It is no longer on offer, so I may persuade my GP to prescribe - if not, I may try from Amazon "Bio-Tech Vitamin B2-400" as it is cheaper.

I have heard this B2 therapy is not guaranteed to work for everyone - but I want to try for at least 6 months to see if it helps.

Another remedy is homeopathy. I know someone whose migraine is gone by taking Sepia 200CH - dose is 2 drops (no more, no less) in a tablespoon of water every Sunday morning (first thing) - please allow at least 30min before you eat, or brush your teeth after taking this homeopathic medicine. It is the cheapest option, you can purchase this (no prescription is needed) from Helios / Nelsons or Ainsworth (London shops) via post. I am also trying this - I am told it will take 2 months before you can see improvement. The above dose and type should help all migraine patients - classical homeopaths will disagree but it does not matter - it has worked for a number of people. Classical homeopaths think each patient should have their own medicine and no 1 medicine should work for everyone.

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I like the Bio-Tech Riboflavin called B2-400. It gives 400 mg in a single soft capsule and is available fom Amazon UK and GreenVits


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