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Poll - who's had weight gain /tiredness from flunarizine and who hasn't?? Trying to find out how common they really are with this drug

Hi Everyone! 

I wabted to do a poll to see how many people on flunarizine got weight gain and/or tiredness and how many didn't. Although they are both listed as common side effects I'm just wondering how common they really are as I know everyone reacts differently. I know one person here hasn't had them. 

 This seems to be the one which might really work for me and so I want to find this out before seeing my GP on Wednesday. Thanks so much guys for any input! 

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Hi, I have been recommended this medication but I might be wrong but I thought this wasn't a licensed drug in the UK? What type of Migraine do you have? I have Hemiplegic Migraine.



Hi there, 

Nice to virtually meet you :)

No, it isn't licensed in Uk, but my consultant said that I would be able to get it, either by importing it through boots the chemist, go on Eurostar/ferry to France as easy to get there, or get dr to organise to get it through hospital prescription. So although it's unlicensed still many are on it in uk. 

I have silent vestibular migraine (also called migraine varient balance disorder ) and my main symptom is unrelenting vertigo and motion sensitivity without a headache. 


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