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Aura with no symptoms + pain relief


Hi everyone,

Don't you agree that once you get a handle on one symptom that's causing your migraines, another one reappears? It's so frustrating & I'm here for anyone that needs anyone to talk to because typical "headaches" are NOT migraine pain.

BUT I WANTED TO KNOW -- has anyone that has been diagnosed with ocular migraines have the aura symptoms (visual disturbances) 10x worse, and takes longer to go away, but comes with NO HEAD PAIN?!

I've experienced this maybe once in the past 11 years I've had migraines... but I've had this happen to be two days in a row and it's no joke.

I'm so confused, it's so frustrating and really scary.

I thought I got a handle on my migraines because they were menstrual migraines so I've been taking progesterone which literally made me migraine free for 5 months... so I really don't know what's happening here or if now it's CAUSING them?!

I live in Hawaii and so we just had the hurricane and we do have bad weather... but I'm really doubting that bad weather could make my aura symptoms so bad?!

So frustrated, so if anyone has the same symptoms as me I'd love to hear and maybe we can look into what's really the cause....


I take 3 200 mg ibuprofens + 2 500mg tylenols when I see the aura and that has been wonders for me.

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Dear michelet

I never suffered migraines untill I reached fifty and started menopause and I started getting the aura migraines but no pain. They went away for two years but started again last year, again aura and no pain. I get them.monthly, sometimes as little as a couple and on the odd month none but can have as many as six. I wouldnt say they last onget than half an hour. I was offered beta blockers but I havent taken them. It's intrresting you said about the weather as I related mine to thundery weather before. I know lighting as triggered mine before and so has caffeine and lack of sleep. There are times when I can experience all these triggers and not get them. I do suffer with dry eyes and since taking eye drops for that, it seems to have lessened them. I thought that hormones had something to do with them as they only started in menopause. I do know they can be hereditary as my father started getting them later in life too.

I’m sorry you’re dealing with this, ESPECIALLY with the aura. It’s actually a disability. I’m only 25 years old & I haven’t been able to hold a job because if I get the aura, I literally can’t see or do anything...

I really think it could be the thunder & lightening too, but like you, it doesn’t happen ALL the time.

As far as hormones go, I started getting menstrual migraines when I got pregnant. Every month when I would get my period, I would get them & I STILL DO. I found it was my low levels of progesterone & higher levels of estrogen. You should ask your doctor to do a hormone test if you think it has something to do with menopause.

Hi michelet,

I've had migraines with auras, and auras with no migraines for almost 40 years. About 10 years ago a neurologist recommended taking non-flush niacin, 500 mg a day for the aura as a preventative. It helps. The auras are not as strong. I haven't had "clear" vision since I started getting migraines. I hope that you find something that works. If you do, please post - it would make a lot of people happy!

I tried topamax and that worked great for me for three years. Please talk to your doctors about the possible side effects. I didn’t have one for three years on that pill & I only took 25 mg a day at bed time.

I have been on topamax, and it worked great for both auras and migraines for about 4 years. Then I had to get off of it - the brain fog was unbearable.

Yeah, I remember it being weird for me for the first two months but I stayed on it because it was sooo much better than getting the pain. I honestly feel like I still have the brain fog off of it. That medication is really strong.

Yes my migraines change structure often and I have been through the aura no pain phase too. It lasted a few years. Not nice but better than the painful ones

michelet808 in reply to babs1234

Ugh, I'm sorry. I'm not too sure what it is... I would like to say hormones because the last time I had these I was 15 I think and on birth control when I didn't know I wasn't supposed to be on them because it makes the aura + migraines worse. SO, I'm so confused.

Hi, thanks for posting an interesting topic! I get migraines with aura, too and sometimes more aura than pain. My GP gave me sumatriptan but it says in the leaflet that it's not helpful for migraines with aura? So haven't taken it yet... 'Glad' to hear othees also get migraines where the aura is stronger that the pain because many people including doctors have told me that this means it's not a migraine?! What they would call the loss of vision, trembling hands, numb hands, nausea, strong reactions to smell and light, that I experience then I would be interested to know...

I gave up on those sumatriptan, they did NOTHING for me when I used them when I was younger & just started getting them. I can't stand when doctors say "mmm no, it's just a headache, or floaters" We know what we are experiencing and not them. You should try go to a migraine specialist... I haven't gone to one before but it seems like it's worth a try. I mentioned in one of my comments that I tried topamax for 3 years and I didn't have ONE in those times... I went off of it unfortunately and it wouldn't help for my menstrual migraines. If my headaches do get worse though, I am going to try it again.

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