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Headache everyday and migraines every other day :(

Hey everyone, just wanted to see if anyone else suffers with a headache every day and a migraine every other day?! I'm at my wits end and don't know what to do anymore! I've tried so many things but nothing seems to work. At the moment sumatriptan is the only thing that seems to help but you can't take more than 10 in a month! So no use when I'm getting migraines every other day. Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Many thanks xx

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Hi 😁 i have headache everyday which turns into a migraine everyday. I was diagnosed with hemacrania continua.

I've tried everything but nothing helped. I use ice on my temples and the nape of my neck to control the pain but it never goes away.

I've changed my magnesium from citrate to glycinate and feel like I'm getting a bit of control back. Wooly head but no headache for 24hrs but it's early days.

I stay away from triptans as much as possible.

I take 4 mag glycinate a day

4 x b2 all at same time

4 sprays b12

1 x zinc

1 spray vid D

People take lots of diff combinations it's just finding yours that will help.

Good luck 👍


Thanks hun, xx

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You may want to check out the free, online event called the Migraine World Summit from April 23-29:

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I have some bad news and some good news Pandakid21. First the bad. Migraine comes in 17 year cycles (I had migraine for 34 years then it suddenly stopped) but nowhere near as regularly as you because mine usually only happened at weekend and for a few hours at a time.

Now for the good news. Prevention is more effective than cure and there are precautions that you can take to reduce the frequency and sometimes the intensity. These are called triggers Stay well away from anything that involves a ripening, fermenting, or a maturing process prior to consumption. This mainly means such things as citrus fruits and other fruits, alcohol, bananas and cheese, but other things in the same ripening category, are also trigger foods. Some people can tolerate some foods in small quantities and some can`t tolerate them in any quantity.

This is because the three processes mentioned involve the product creating a natural enzyme which causes the body to react by affecting a main blood vessel in the neck. It is either the corotid artery or the corotid vein. One of them reacts by dilating. That is why a migraine is on one side of the head or the other. Normally healthy people, that is, people who don`t suffer from migraine, have bodies that can tolerate this enzyme, but a miggy body can`t.

If you have headaches or migraines every day (and we know that they are not the same, but healthy people don`t), I wonder if major changes in your daily lifestyle need to be addressed ? Is there is any stress in your everyday life, a lot of noise in your job, or anything that takes away a feeling of being relaxed and makes you tense ? If there is, this won`t help matters.

One last thing. As soon a a migraine comes, GET TO BED AS EARLY AS YOU CAN because it is not something that will go away if you try to ignore it and you can`t work through it.

I apologise if I have gone on a bit, but I`m just trying to help through my own experience.


Thanks hun xxx


I went through the same situation. I found a group who have helped me enormously. I have given up all sugars, drinking full cream milk, butter, and animal fats. I am down to one migrain a week...bliss! Also now able to drink coffee again after years of wasn't th coffee .. it was the sugar!

Do you have low blood pressure, I have and the advice is to have salt in the evening and the morning with a glass of water.

The group is Angela Stanton Migrain Protocol, I am a huge fan, it has given me my life back. Good luck

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Hi thanks for your reply, yes i have low blood pressure i have a condition called PoTs which causes low blood pressure.

I will have a look on that group.

Thanks xx


Hi wish you good luck, i had similar experience in the past, i used to get at least twice a week horrible pain was starting early morning from my neck spreading one side of my head, was sleeping all day in bed. I end up Chiropractic, visited them over a year on regular basis. It has made huge positive effect. Then i carried on regular exercise, played tennis, or do gym and kept away from Wine (red particularly) and Beer. Keeping away from hot room when i sleep. No heating should be allowed in the room when i sleep and must keep early sleep record no later then 12 midnight. Of course less stressful and worrying time made a big difference. All these combinations reduce my monster Migraines to once a quarter. Sometimes once a month if i do forgot any of these. I hope this will help you. The Migraines is horrible monster should be shot down whenever it has seen? Wish you all the best. By the way i used early years some anti migraines tablets , but later on i gave up all together. They are useless best treatments is natural ones.


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