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Hyperemesis Gravidarum & Migraines


I finally sorted out my migraines back in October with amiltrytaline and the mini pill as following a detailed diary log the dr found it was caused by Oestrogen surges on day 16/17 of my cycle .

However, I've since got pregnant (12 weeks) despite being on the pill . I am now suffering with severe sickness and the migraines with aura have returned with a vengeance. My dr told me to come straight off the amiltrytaline so all I can take is paracetamol. Does anyway know if you can take amiltrytaline when pregnant or is there anything else. My dr and the midwifes have just said no. As I'm only 12 weeks pregnant I will loose the plot if I carry on getting daily migraines with aura for another 28 weeks as I have 2 other children and a job. Any advice or help would be most welcome.

I'm taking cyclIzine and ondansetron for the pregnancy sickness.

Thank you


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Sorry to hear your are suffering from bad migraines. However congratulations on your pregnancy.

I was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines in October 2013. I was put on 25mg of amitriptyline which helped break the cycle and now I only have mild to moderate symptoms. In march last year I found out I was pregnant. I asked both the midwives and the neurologist about taking amitriptyline. They explained that there have been no studies but in their experience they had not seen it affect babies during pregnancy. The neurologist went on to say that out of all the drugs he could put me on this was the safest. I was also worried about breast feeding but they all agreed that this would be a safe option too. It was not an ideal situation but I could not have coped with the migraines and being pregnant. The migraines often left me bed bound for days.

I can now say I'm a proud mum of one healthy baby girl :) she is 4months old and thieving. I still remain on the amitriptyline but hope one day I won't need it.

I hope you find a solution. Maybe you could contact the national migraine centre for their advice?

Take care,


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Thank you so much for your reply and congratulations on your little girl. I was breastfeeding whilst taking amiltrytaline as well and the Dr was happy with that. I've never been referred to a neurologist as with my Dr we eventually found something which stopped them. However as they have said don't take them anymore I may need to seek help elsewhere. I will contact the National Migraine Centre. thank you so much and yes, one day I hope you can come off the amiltrytaline . X


I came off the amittiptaline a couple of months ago as not only was it making almost senile the pain was coming through. I must say they worked at first thoug. Good luck with your pregnancy, I'm sure doctors will say to stop just to cover themselves.


Sorry about spelling but can't see what I've typed until it's posted. Lol


My migraines got a lot worse when I became B12 deficient.

You will be using up a lot of B12 during pregnancy because of the part it plays in cell production - so a lot being transferred to your baby.

You might find that supplementing B12 helps a bit but you also might want to get your levels checked by your GP - interpreting B12 results during pregnancy can be even more tricky than interpreting it normally because of the transfer to the baby.

The PAS forum can provide you with help interpreting results if you need it - this is one case where normal doesn't necessarily mean there isn't a problem.

High levels aren't harmful - though, by way of full disclosure, they can also be indicative of other medical conditions (liver and kidney problems) going on in the background and, paradoxically high levels of B12 can also result in an immune response that attacks the mechanism your body uses to transfer B12 to cells meaning that your serum levels can be high but you show all the clinical symptoms of B12 deficiency


tried high dose of B12 BUT DIDN'T WORK


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