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Silent migraines

Hi first time posting here 🙋🏻

The dr thinks I'm suffering with silent migraines,

I get bad neausa, I feel the colour washing out of me, hot flushes, cold chills.

I thought it was hormones so dr put me on the pill on Tuesday to see if it'll stop them but I had a migraine yesterday and today 😔

I don't know why but I'm worried that it's not migraines, do the symptoms sound like silent migraines?


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Are the "silent migraines" new for you? Do you have head pain with the other symptoms? And the migraine the last couple of days, was it different from the situation that you initially saw the doctor for? Birth control pills cause migraines or worsen them in many women. If one is prone to migraine, the Pill should not be taken as strike can result.

Maybe get a second opinion ? Best of luck.

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I've had what I call proper migraines before.

These silent migraines you don't get a headache just bad nausea.

They always come around my period so last month I had a migraine every day for 5 days.

Dr was hoping if she could stop my periods then the migraines will stop, we're just trying it for 3 months.

I trust my dr, she's taking bloods for b12, checking my thyroid (I have an underactive) and full blood count.


Could be, I get those symptoms with a migraine, sometimes for a few hours before the head pain starts, so that I'm not sure if it's a migraine or not. But then I do get the head pain at some point.

But it could be all sorts of things.


Sounds like mine. They are definitely connected to my menstrual cycle. Nausea, tiredness, feels like travel sickness. Really debilitating, was off work for weeks recently. I am well at the moment on flunarizine.


My dr has given me imigran50, the "funny turns" I call them last about 30mins but feel pretty shattered and weird for the rest of the day.

I be had one today and felt really cold and it's not the time of the month but maybe it's because I've just started taking the will on Tuesday last week 😔


I have tried Botox multiple times and it has never helped. I can't drink alcohol, chocolate, or any sugar at all for that matter. I have migraines every day. I gobble down exceedrin all day and take Tryptans. I don't sleep well, feel depressed and it is very hard to enjoy life. I feel for all of you out there. Most people don't understand what we go through. Only by the grace of God can we find joy and healing!


I suffer very severe migraines and I don't get any head pain at all. I have never heard them called silent migraines before, but I do know that a headache is only one symptom of a migraine. My migraines often affect my balance I get dizzy, severely spaced out, like I am out of touch with reality, I often become a bit confused, my body becomes very weak and I often feel like I am dying, my head becomes hyper sensitive to noise, light and sound. One thing I have noticed is that a Migraine seems very different for a lot of people. If your symptoms get worse or dont clear up ask your doctor to send you to a Migraine specialist. Good luck.


I've just been diagnosed with having silent migraines but I'm really worried they are wrong. Can TIA and stroke be confused with migraines ?

I had a sudden attack. I admit I had had a very stressful day . I was stood talking to a friend and a C shaped dark smokey shape appeared in the bottom / side of my left eye. It restricted my vision to the left. I also felt very light headed and dizzy.

My friend sat me down and I could still only see directly In front of me but nothing to my left side. Then the wall to the side of me appeared to have black and gold stripes on it ( it was a pure white wall) and the stripes were moving. I felt sick and very spaced out. Out of pure panic I went to the A&E dpt in the hospital.

I had NO headache but a dull pressure feeling in my head and face

I was scanned, dopplered , blood tests and ecg. Kept overnight for observation and saw a neurologist in the morning.

He told me I had suffered silent migraine. ??????

I felt light headed and hung over for days after. I had a few more of these episodes in the following days.

I may sound pathetic but I'm not buying it. I'm petrified I have a brain tumour or stroke.

Has anyone else had anything similar.



Days on and I still feel fuzzy and light headed. The aura has repeated itself a few times this week. What is happening to me. I'm afraid


Hi, I am a long time migraine sufferer and have had brain scan early 20's re complete vision loss which was diagnosed as migraine.Then 5 years ago lost the vision on one side for possibly less than a couple of minutes. Then developed tingling in my arm a couple of days later and a headache. Was throughly investigated with Brain MRI, Doppler, echo cardiogram , ecg, bloods etc. Nothing was found and it was put down to migraine with aspirin prescribed as a precaution against TIA. 4 years on I now do recognise the tingling in the arm as migraine with occasional speech issues. It's definitely hormonal as I've tracked it over a few years. At the time I was still convinced it was a TIA but my migraines had just changed. I never get the classic zig zag lines anymore.

Hope this helps


Sounds like silent migraine but they should have done an mri to rule out other diagnosis and therefore connfirm migraine. Ask you GP or neurologist, otherwise anxiety will make it worse and i know how scarey it is..


Migraines run in the family, not silent ones but what I call normal ones, which I've had before.

I don't know what's worse the nausea with the silent ones or the headache with the normal ones.



I have these Aura phases before I get a migraine. Or sometimes I just get the Aura... this is what you're describing. I can be scary like a stroke. I get one side numbness arm, face, or leg... maybe all if them body decides. My eye mainly left side goes blind or loses half sight. I feel like I'm n a differ world to other people vet spaced out and high. I have hot and cold flushes and sometimes feel as though I am going to faint. I know I am bad when I get diarrhea (sorry) My senses go into over drive and smells become very strong and make me feel very sickly ... I can smell theslightest smell really strongly. I also get really sensitive skin and hair I can't touch it with it hurting ...This can last for hours to day with or without head pain.

This is the Aura phase of a migraine or a silent migraine and when it lasts for more than a few hours it's called extended Aura. I was finally diagnosed with this n 2014 along with hemipligic migraine after suffering since I was 15

I've also had 2 brain scans as MS runs in the family. I have lesions, but not MS lesions only frontal lesions which are normal for migraine suffers (they're too small and incorrectly placed for anything else)

Hope this helps, put your mind at ease ...

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Sounds like drop in oestrogen levels. I always had a weeks migrain when I came off the pill for the week. How old are you ?


I'm 37,

I've got found out this week that my underactive thyroid has gone hyper so it could be that.


I also have been diagnosed with silent migraine. Stroke like symptoms nausea and brain fog. I get maybe 12 days a month symptom free. But improving not sure if this is because of meds, my recognition and better management or decreased anxiety as these symptoms just become my norm and predictable. Hang in there this condition is more prevelant than you think. Were all surviving and fighting to maintain normal lives. Find meds that work andthen work on your triggers.


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