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new kind of migraine HELP


I usually have a one sided migraine (left). My last 2 migraines were my whole head. Was full blown within 5 minutes and i was completely soaked within 10-15 minutes. I took imitrex tight away which usually helps but didnt. I vomited several times and had to lay still, but rocking my body. I had 3 comforters on as i was freezing. The whole thing lasted about 8 hours. I was talking in slurred speech. and wouldnt have made it anywhere even if I tried. This is something new for me. The last migraine which was the same lasted just as long though i had no imitrex. Ive had migraines since i was a child. I knew it was coming last night. my right ear was red and hot. it didnt hit till 6 am though i went to bed at 9 pm

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Best to see your GP as you have had a change in symptoms and your medication hasn't worked. Good luck.


HI Monique, sorry to hear you have had such a full blown attack. Any 'new' migraine should be checked out by your doctor to be on the safe side. Get along to see them or us at National Migraine Centre as soon as possible so that you can be reassured, and maybe discuss changing the medication you are taking.

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