Migraine woes and flashing in eyes

Hi, I'm new here so please forgive the in-depth description below. Although I have suffered from the occasional migraines over the years, I had a particularly bad one four days ago which lasted for a whole day (they normally lasted only a few hours). I went to the doctors and was given aspirin, the following day I met with an optician who said that my eyes were fine and there is no damage to them, he did suggest I change my glasses which I will look into. However, although I am not currently suffering from a migraine I do keep getting flashes in my left eye with some slight blurredness (it does ease when I wear my glasses which I use for computer work). Is this normal? Would it be expected to have stopped by now? I am continuing to take aspirin in the hope it may help alleviate it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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  • Hi there, google migraine aura without pain.

    Hopefully you'll be able to relate and feel better soon 👍

  • Hi Cally, thanks for your help, I'll take a look.

  • Be well 😆 hope you get some answers. This is a great site and someone will always help you 😁

  • I sometimes get migraine aura without a headache.

  • It could be migraine aura without headache. Not sure that aspirin will help though. What do you mean by 'keep getting'? When I get aura without headache it tends to behave just like aura with migraine, messes my sight up for between 30 mins to hour, just the expected head pain does not arrive (but all other migraine symptoms including nausea, vertigo and a postdromal backlash do). That is what tells me it is migraine with aura but without headache as opposed to just flashing light in front of my eyes (which I get too, but very intermittently and for only a few minutes. My migraine aura is very distinctive too and so I can tell this is not it) .

    If it 'keeps happening' I would go back to your GP.

  • Seems like your migraines are changing structure.. mine did and I suddenly started getting flashes, noticed it most when I got up in the night to go to the loo, probably because it was dark. I then started with very bad daily headaches which have now changed again to mild to moderate with the occasional severe ..there is no reasoning to these damn things


  • I never have migraines or even headaches. But one day i started seeing flashes out of the corner of my eye, they were still there the next day so I rang nhs 24 and was told to go to the eye clinic at once. There I was given a detailed eye exam and reassured that it was 'nothing' and it would go away but may stay and would be worse when coming into a brighter room from a darker one. It stopped after a while. I do get floaters but again was told it is normal. I'm not sure if this is any use to you, all the best.

  • Thanks all, I'm still getting the flashes but it seems it's quite common :(

  • Hi.

    I suffered with painful migraines from a young child. They changed when I came off HRT which was sixteen years ago and I then suffered with headaches They changed again to having Auras without headache last year. I went to an optician who told me it was aura migraine. I then went to the Dr to rule out anything else. I have now been prescribed aspirin as aura migraines with no pain can be associated with strokes. Being that my Mother and my Sister has had strokes I take the aspirin in the hopes of preventing them happening.

  • Hi. Maybe my post here will help you:


  • although its probably migraine related, its still a good idea to be checked out for tumours or eye problems to make sure.

  • That doctor is not interested in treating you. There are may choices of other doctors! Have you tried any of the Tristan drugs have been tried on you? These usually work well for anyone!

  • After a migraine I find my vision can take over a week to get back to "normal"! I definitely would not consider changing my glasses on the basis of a test done close to a migraine! The glasses are unlikely to be the problem. The problem is the insult on your brain affecting your vision which is caused by the migraine!

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