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'Never Judge A Book...' campaign launch

'Never Judge A Book...' campaign launch

On the first day of National Depression Awareness Week we launched our new campaign - 'Never Judge A Book...'

Our message is loud and clear, as stated in the fifth image:

"Depression and low mood can affect anyone at any time, regardless of how you look.

It doesn't care how many friends you have or what you do for a living.

Take the first step and find out what options are available.

Discover what works for you, and with support recovery from depression is possible."

You can see the images here:

and fill in our survey for feedback about the images and the campaign message:

4 Replies

Brilliant - and done the surveymonkey :)


Done the survey, important to highlight this awful illness. People tend to listen or take notice when it is high profile people who can relay experiences, someone high profile to support ??




Absolutely brilliant and done the survey

I really really feel for anyone with depression. I had it bad. I was so anxious I had to quit my job because I thought I wasn't going to survive another month if I stayed. I have a lot of experience, many negative over the last year, of which I believe depression has played a part.

Please will you help me support others, and read my new blog. I want genuine feedback and comments for how I can build it up. I will also be discussing what worked for me and what didn't

Cheers: starryeyedmotivator.wordpre...


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