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Mothers day is going to be tough for my sister 1st year without her husband

I'm so worried about my sister her husband killed himself in April 2012 this Is 1st mothers day without him they have 2 small children. Lately my sister has Been saying weird things like what's life all about, same s### different day, wish I with him don't wanna wake up in the morning. Her behaviour is worrying me terrible she has now started sleeping with different men.

I think she has bipolar but won't see the go

She does attend councillng but tells the councillor she is doing really well.

What should I do? She's getting a bad name for herself but Inside she is heartbroken :(

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She sounds like she is depressed, and mourning the loss of her husband, tell her the only one she is cheating is herself, because it is hard admitting to anyone you need help, the first is being honest with herself, and then with the counsellor. She is lucky she has the help at her finger tips and most people have to wait several months.

Tough love, tell her straight, that , that at the moment she feels like shyt, and its showing that. It dont make her feel better. its her way of kicking back. Go with her to her counsellor, tell the counsellor, it will help in the end, just say it isnt usual to do this,, but your so worried about her, and she isnt being truthfull. you just want to help her, in the right way, then the counsellor can,,and have something to work with, then tackle it in a gentle way.

She is so lucky to have a friend like you. xx Ps im a counsellor :)


Coatpin thank you for the advice, I will def go and tell her councillor and tell my sister the way she is behaving is not right abit of tough love from now on

il keep you posted x


If things get really tough and you seriously think she may be at risk of suicide or 'harming herself' - sleeping around can be interpreted as self harm in a way sometimes (not always) her next of kin can request a mental health assessment or take her to a&e to see the duty psychiatrist. This does sound harsh but could be the only way to get her the help she needs. You could always go speak with her GP if the above is not an option. The advice re councillor above is also really good advice. Good luck and take care x


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