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If anyone would like to suggest another poll that would be great :)

And I'm really pleased to see the community being so well used. I know a lot of you are not from Scotland, but for a community that doesn't matter.

For those of you who are in Scotland, if you'd like to volunteer, fundraise, write a blog for our new site, or any other suggestions, please do get in touch.

And just to highlight, we are a really small charity based in Edinburgh, with 7 staff all very enthusiatic, passionate and devoted to helping and supporting everyone with depression and related conditions.



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Action on Depression

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  • An interesting poll would be to see what kinds of treatment people feel would be helpful for their difficulties and perhaps compare with what they were actually offered - treatments would need to be worded in laymans terms rather than by their titles as many people may not know the different forms of treatment by their names.

  • Hi, I'm relatively new to this forum, so you may have already done something like this, but I'd be interested to know what treatments people have received and how useful they've found them. I'd also be interested to know what people do for themselves (rather than formal treatment) that they've found helps the most, e.g. exercise, improved diets, using forums etc.

  • I'd like to see how people with Dysthymia view their illness. Most of the textbooks say it a "mild" condition, but my experience of Dysthymia it is anything but "mild".

    So how would people with Dysthymia rate their illness severity, and do they think that those writing the textbooks should maybe ask the sufferers before declaring something to be "mild".

  • Dont know about questions, but I'd like to say thanks for letting people who live further afield join the forum. I have found it so useful and helpful and spoken to some lovely people x

  • Thanks for that, I'll try and get something together soon. In the meantime you can go to 'Polls' and submit a poll to be approved :)

    Good to see you Suzie34, everyone is welcome here, but obviously the services on our website are Scotland-Wide only.

    Catherine e-health Officer

    Action on Depression

  • I didn't know the website was connected to scottish health services, that explains why so many people talk about being north or south of the border!!

  • Hi secondhandrose,

    There are 4 depression charities in the UK.

    Scotland - Action on Depression actionondepression.org

    England - Depression Alliance depressionalliance.org

    Wales - Journeys - journeysonline.org.uk

    Northern Ireland - Aware Defeat Depression - aware-ni.org.uk

    The charities who are on HealthUnlocked are

    Action on Depression


    I shall do a separate post to clear this up.


    e-health Officer

    Action on Depression