Madness is Hamlet's enemy

Another short one. Same as before: compulsive clearance, 2013. Write it away.

Just stepped through the door. I really enjoyed today's seminar.

This will sound patronising, (and it's not meant to be), but thank you so much Princess Leah for your advice and support today. There's no way to express it properly, but you really helped me. You should know that I'm in awe of you. It sounds really soppy and strange, but there's no other way to put it. I am so thankful, and I hope you know that.


Hamlet leaves the seminar overhearing what he perceives to be a dig at his academic expertise. 'Words, words, words(worth)' and something to do with Sparknotes.

He leaves with a flourish, and they don't quite understand what his problem is. He's hearing things left, right and centre, misconstruing them all the time, and if he continues like this, the madness will totally destroy him. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People - (Hamlet has never actually seen that movie).

Anyway, you don't want to know what it's like inside his psyche at the moment. He was actually sane once, and he hopes that people understand the stress he endures throughout the entire play. At that particular moment, he believes that he's in The Mousetrap, when the play within the play had already concluded.

Hamlet's sorry to the people at the top end of the table, and to the people surrounding him, who are / were totally bewildered by his revolutionary metamorphosis into a twenty-first century diva. Hamlet actually has a lot of respect for those people - (all of those people) sitting around the table. He's just in some sort of never ending Mousetrap.

He looks forward to next week, and will apologise in person to the people he has (perhaps) confused.

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  • Catharsis: expertise should be in inverted commas. Thus:


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