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Depression wanes when you paint!

I've been feeling turbulent this week.

But in my favourite medium I produced something pretty cool. Dab hand at this art stuff. (Self-referential, egocentric, true). Although the proportions are slightly off.

My mum is better than me. Oil, acrylic... whatever, she can do it. That doesn't even come close really. I'm a close second.

Anyway, it's a watercolour. More to be produced.

It takes my mind away from emotional thoughts... So right now, I'll start a new one. I'm feeling a bit better, but slightly emotional.

What to paint?

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Sounds good! What did you paint?


Yesterday it was a bookshelf, with a stack of books on top. Today it's a very ornate clock! One that's in our front room. Unfinished at the moment. But looking good so far! Intricate and difficult to reproduce because of the way it's made. Really fun challenge though :)


I couldn't paint anything! Pity there isn't a facility to share pics on here!


Well done - my release is writing.


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