Am I depressed?

I would like some feedback on whether I should go to the drs to see if I have depression or whether I would just be wasting their time. The past few years I've had feelings of being low but they've always went away. However, for about the past month I've not been able to get rid of feeling depressed. I cry at everything but not in front of anyone. For example, I made dinner tonight and the mashed potatoes were watery so I didn't have any dinner went upstairs ran a bath and cried so hard I felt sick. Little stuff sends me over the edge. When I go to work I feel like I have this mask on outside I'm happy but on the inside I'm screaming. I can actually feel myself not being right in the head. I really don't understand what the point to my life is? I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings yet when it's my days off I feel lazy for not working? I try and snap out of it thinking its just self pity but I just feel fake if I try and act normal.


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  • Hi Tena79,

    I'm not sure whether I can make the judgement for you. I can tell you how I have been feeling - throughout my teens and, well, my whole life really - I've not really felt happy. Complicated issues with family and anxiety, which seem to wear me down, persist even tonight. I'm back home. My sister is constantly anxious at her college, because she is paranoid about what people think of her, and she causes a lot of tensions in the house. But, at the same time, I have to read a lot for tomorrow's seminar and I am under-prepared. It's actually scary how little reading I have accomplished. The tutor will want an extended contribution, and what will I say? First day back, and a terrible way to start the new Semester. So I have had a turbulent mood today: down, up, down, anxiety.

    Anxiety seems to have a snowball effect, really, and that causes depression. I checked my weight today and I've lost a stone.

    And you're right it's sometimes hard to assess whether you would be wasting a GPs time, because these small pressures, to an external eye, don't seem to be anything major. But it's the cumulative effect, alongside so many other factors, that makes the difference. If it's not too much to share, I wonder what you think causes your depression?

  • Hi I would say you would not be wasting the doctors time if you went and spoke to him/her, as I think most of us leave it far to long before we go. Sometimes just letting it all out to someone helps. But I think by what you say you do have depression.

    Good luck and I hope they listen and help you.

  • I'm sure you wouldn't be wasting the GP's time. As Nicky says, just talking about it will help. If they decide you need medication to help you on the start of the journey to wellness, don't be afraid - if not, they can point you in the way of getting the support you need.


  • Go to the GP's and tell them exactly how you are feeling.

    I suffered in silence for over 30yrs had counselling and then thoughtI was stronger to take on the world that was a big mistake in my life so I have now sice discovered suffering in

    silence is the worse thing you must talk to someone write things down to find out what is making you like this as it could be many things or something hidden.

    I am now having the support I need hopefully I wont run away this time.

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