i don't really know what to do.. im in a really low place at the moment and i have been before, but nothing wrong has really happened in my

life, its just personal insecurities and over-thinking stuff.. i don't really know if this counts as depression as when i try to explain whats on my mind it sounds so petit. i want to seek help as ive been thinking about hurting myself, but im afraid people would think i'm attention seeking as my problems aren't important enough. please help.

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  • I'm not sleeping at night but get very sleepy during the day, if i'm not eating im not happy, im finding it increasingly difficult to communicate with friends and ive lost all motivation to do anything i love. these seem like symptomns of depression but i dont know what has caused it and i am so confused.. does anyone have any ideas?

  • Hi IK,

    Depression is an illness and not really a cause and affect thing, so just because there is nothing "really wrong" in your life does not make your feelings any less valid. Also it is often the case that things that happened in early childhood can lead to problems in later life, and of course we are left with no memory of the events. Maybe something like that is true for you?

    It is common for people to feel that their problems are somehow less serious than someone else's, I know I feel like that.

    You should go to your GP, they will be able to offer you a range of help, and telling a friend you trust would be good too.

    Self harm is a way of coping with emotional pain, and thoughts of it are quite common. If you discuss this with a friend make sure you choose the person carefully, as it can be difficult for people who don't feel this way to understand.

    Hope this helps


  • thank you so much. I havent had any bad childhood experiences, but events over the past few years have left me very self-doubtful/criticizing/conscious and i can't seem to shake these feelings. I've also had to give up my one and only passion, but can't seem to find the motivation to try and start it up again. What can a GP do in terms of help?


  • if you have a good GP then they can help a lot.

    Firstly just going and talking to them, sharing the stuff in your head can help on it's own, especially when they assure you that others feel the same way too. Also you get a lift because you will feel good for taking some positive action.

    Then there are things such as counselling, which I have found useful in the past, and medication also. There is no one thing which works for everyone, but a chat with them may help identify the best way forward for you.

    Help this helps


  • Thank you so much for your help, i will try contact my GP


  • Having a good doctor really makes a difference, meds and I haven't been mixing well...they can work and then seem to wear off, and I hate the side affects I have had. I have found talking to a trusting friend, loved one or counsellor...have been in a meditation group also have helped me alot more...talking it out can really help, even going for a nice walk, reading...whatever takes ur mind off of your problems. I have been suffering myself alot lately but I have been dealing with alot too. I over think things constantly also, let the past haunt me, insecure...all of it. Nobody's problems are smaller than others,, never think that, your issue is just as important as anybody else's ik1995...don't give up because your in a bad state of mind right now, and I know it can be easy for me to say, but I do know. We have our highs and lows, it can't always be helped, at least ur recognize it....that's a great thing!!!! I wish you all the best and u can talk to me if you need too, that's what we're all here for...hang tight, take it day by day and hopefully I am being helpful.


  • Hi there, how long have you been feeling like this? Do you have friends you can trust to share your feelings with? It might be a good idea to start writing a journal so you can look back over it in a few weeks time and have possibly a different perspective on how you were feeling at the time. If this low mood is continuous its important to recognise it, which you have, and deal with it accordingly, its just finding what works best for you. Self harm doesnt solve anything and can create further problems so do a bit of research and see what help is out there for you. Perhaps get some self help books so you can recognise your feelings better. If things continue definitely go to your GP, much easier said that done so its a good idea to plan what you might say, it can be difficult to get your words out and impossible to explain but at least you will be trying and they should be supportive.

  • I am also currently in a very low and depressed state. All the little things add up and create one huge problem. Have you asked for a referal from your GP to psychological therapies or medication from your GP?

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