I'm 17 and I always feel persistently low

I know it sounds stupid, a 17 year old who feels depressed. I know I'm young but everything right now has gone mutual. I genuinely always feel very low and hopeless. Yet i have everything a 17 year old could wish for. my relationship has hit rock bottom and were constantly bickering. One minute I'm fine the next I feel dreadful.


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  • Hi

    Sorry to here you are feeling low at the moment if it is something which persists I would recommend speaking with your GP. Keep posting here we are glad you have found this forum you are not alone.

  • Hi' i'm new on here, please don't feel that you are on your own, your young you have your whole life ahead of you...please go and see your doctor who will listen to you and give you advise maybe some medication...i do hope you feel better very soon.

    take good care of yourself,


  • Please don't feel it's stupid, it doesn't matter whether you are 5 of 105, low mood, depression, anxiety etc. can occur at any time. I started experiencing poor mental health from the age of 14 and I'm 41 now. I didn't know who to turn to either and I found it very difficult to communicate my feelings at the time. For a lot of young people, online support and help is invaluable just because of the difficulties in not knowing who to talk to, what to say, how to express yourself. That's not to say though that it should all be done online, but it's certainly a start.

    If you feel able to see your GP then that's a bonus, talking therapy is useful.

    Get Connected getconnected.org.uk/ has free, confidential help for those under the age of 25, and their Webchat runs from 1pm until 11pm every day.


  • Thank you for all your messages, it's been a tough week... My dog passed away on monday and now I just feel 10x worse. Everything seems to be getting worse, when I wanted it to get better.. I feel trapped in many of ways, no one seems to understand how I feel. I know right now I'm grieving over the loss of my dog, but surely it can't get worse? I just want to feel myself again, I haven't seen my friends in about a month. I just don't want to go out.

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