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how can i report someone on here

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hey can anyone let me know how i can report someone on here for not nice behaviour towards other users

please let me know

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Just go to the post concerned and under the area. Under the blue reply button is the report written in blue text

ok but how can i report the user

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Gambit62 in reply to Mammamia12

whilst this reports the post rather than the user it does get flagged up if there are multiple reports against the same user. If the problem is on the chat function there is also a way of reporting that but I can never remember the details.

Press report key

If it's the first post, or a reply, the word "Report" is underneath it. Click on it, then describe the problem you see.

Ok thankyou

hey what`s up.

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Mammamia12 in reply to kenster1

I need to report someone they been horrible to me on here

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