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How do you remember

So feeling pressure of job plus course doing online Struggling with remembering anything Brain not sponge How do you make it easier - lots of Flower names - floristry course. Or is it just repeating it

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My short term memory is terrible, when I am asked a question I am away with the Teddy Bears. They have been explaining to me because of my eyes getting worse I now see things although I do feel people are pulling my leg

At the moment I need help to e the program the omputer and the Word pen and MP3 Players as I am getting really confused


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Sorry to hear that but hopefully wife will help you through as well as technology

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I had some good news today, for my eyes. I have a review coming up in March and a further review from a different hospital that has just opened up Just a few miles from the actual hospital. I understand in about eight weeks they may be able to start treatment. They do the cataracts first then after that they will be working on the scists. I imagine for the lot it will be taking about one year so I will wait and see

I have a Dentist appointment as well it is a check up. Yesterday I was expecting a Mental Health Review, although that had to be pushed back for my Dental treatment. So I will be getting another date sometime early Feb.

It is like waiting for a bus for ages, then two arrive at the same time.

I see my GP tomorrow afternoon and that will help me gain confidence


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That’s excellent news !! Great you finally get to be seen and good luck 🤞!! Brilliant !!

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