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I am married to a narcissist whom I cannot leave. Am I correct in thinking there’s only one possible solution or am I missing something?

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There is only one solution to this….GET SUPPORT to leave. It’s tough, it’s turmoil. Please reach out to everyone who loves you.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I have been cut off from everyone I knew so no support.

Hay, I'm not sure where you live but you can contact your local women's aid group who will devise a safe plan to leave if that is what you want and offer support. They will help you with refuge accommodation, benefits, support for children etc.

Best of luck, leaving is extremely hard but you can do it with support x

leaving is your only best option. thinking you cannot leave is a lie your abuser has indoctrinated you with. your life can only get better if you leave.

It all depends on the relationship between the Narc and your family and if He is causing problems with your family members.

Personally it has been hard work in my case, I stood for it too long . My problems, my Mother and two Siblings. I broke away and now it seems I have moved on however I understand I may return and I will need to be kind to myself to again move on.

Personally if it is really bad I would advise you walk away and never look back.

Change your telephone number and new address. You can get assistance from your Doctor or Social Services, you will most probably need to stay in a place of safety, that will give you time to start looking for that new place too live.

Remember they can be so nice to others and they can ruin or hurt your reputation with others around you. I found I had to walk away from their nastiness. They found us by the cauncil rateing office, that is another story

Good Luck Whatever you decide


Why can you not leave it might be you need to walk out because of your own safety. Life is hard I know I have had problems from in my teens up to a seventy year old man.. I am in many ways lucky, this sort of person is frightening and in some ways has not grown up properly, they are DANGEROUS. If they come back here I will have my rifle down the side of my seat, It is only a pellet gun it can be a sefety device to move them on if required. It can give a sore bum LOL


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